Lancôme Advanced Génifique Now Proven to Strengthen Skin Microbiome

Last Thursday, Lancôme hosted its first virtual skincare symposium, bringing the most advanced skin microbiome science straight to the participants from more than 20 countries. This French luxury skincare brand has brought together the leading skin microbiome science experts from around the world – Dr. Annie Black, PhD – Lancôme International Scientific Director; Pr. Richard Gallo, Department of Dermatology, University of San Diego, California, USA; Pr. Patrick K.H. Lee, Associate professor, University of Hong Kong; Prof. Ahmad Khodr, L’Oréal Advanced Research; and Marine Pegeon, Lancôme Laboratories, to unveil the latest scientific research on microbiome science and its potential to unlock a stronger and healthier skin barrier.

As skin barrier health now takes on a new level of importance, a growing body of research proves how important it is to counteract impaired function and strengthen both the skin and its microbiome. Lancôme presented a new vision for the skincare industry by empowering the consumer with the scientific knowledge they need to unlock a healthy skin barrier.

Lancôme’s most iconic serum, Advanced Génifique represents the sublime culmination of their 16 years of research work. Their research knowledge on skin microbiome is the result of 62 clinical studies around the world, 21 international scientific publications and 23 experts partnerships, which produced more than 500 million data points.

With Advanced Génifique, Lancôme is not only the driving force behind this new field of microbiome science, but it is also leading the way for the future of effective skincare.

Now upgraded with a unique complex of 7 pre- & probiotic fractions, the Advanced Génifique Microbiome Serum is proven to strengthen the skin microbiome and to help the skin recover +77% faster.

Every dropper delivers 30 million pre- & probiotic fractions to the skin (Average estimated quantity for one self-loading dropper) – the right dose of essential nutrients required to foster the growth of beneficial bacteria of the skin’s microbiome. Skin gets radiant, stronger and looks visibly younger after one bottle.

The skin microbiome is powerful—yet, not invincible, and contributes to 3 major skin functions:

  • Protect: these beneficial microorganisms act as one of the first interface with external environment and reinforce skin defence. The microbiome helps the skin to defend against pathogens and liberate antioxidant proteins.
  • Regulate: these microorganisms communicate with skin cells and modulate excessive in inflammation.
  • Repair: your microbiome plays a key role in skin barrier function strengthening and recovery.

Lancôme has selected 3 plant or biotech-based prebiotics (Mannose, an essentialand simple sugar; α –glucooligosaccharides and β –fructooligosaccharides, which are more complex sugars) for their nutritional properties. This unique combination provides a varied palette of sugars, and combines complementary activities to promote the balanced growth of beneficial bacteria and contain the growth of pathogenic bacteria of the skin’s microbiome.

The unique complex has been completed with 4 probiotics fractions, obtained from four different strains of microorganisms (Bi dobacterium longum,Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus acidophilis and a yeast: Saccharomyces cerevisae). This optimal balance provides an ideal environment for the microbiome – a strong barrier function, an optimal differentiation and a good balance of antimicrobial peptides.

These patented formula of Advanced Génifique has clinically proven its performance on the skin microbiome and fastens skin recovery. It’s not only promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms, but it also acts on the skin cells to support the key parameters associated with younger-looking skin.

Comes in four sizes which are 35ml, 50ml, 75ml and 115ml, with the price ranging from RM295 to RM735, the latest Advanced Génifique Microbiome Serum is now available at Lancôme stores nationwide and online at

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