Hada Labo X Watsons Launches ‘We Care For You’ Educational Campaign

Hada Labo in collaboration with Watsons has launched the ‘We Care for You’ Educational Campaign to provide skincare education to the public in caring for their skin. This month-long campaign also marks the official start of the brand’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort that is held in conjunction with its 10th anniversary celebration to contribute back to society.

With the launch of ‘We Care for You’ Educational campaign, the public can look forward to enhancing their skincare knowledge, which include various tips and ways to maintain beautiful and healthy skin. The Hada Labo’s skincare philosophy revolves around hydration, which is the key to tackling various skin issues. Hence, the brand has always encouraged women to care for their skin by keeping them hydrated. Hada Labo aims to assist its customers to achieve beautiful and moist skin.

Hada Labo’s Lotion will be the highlight for this campaign. There are eight lotion variants i.e Hydrating Lotion (Light/Rich), Premium Hydrating Lotion, Blemish and Oil Control Hydrating Lotion, Premium Whitening Lotion (Light/Rich), AHA + BHA Mild Peeling Lotion and Lifting Firming Lotion. Hada Labo lotion is to be used as the first skincare step to allow for better and deeper absorption of the subsequent skincare products (i.e. essence/moisturiser/cream).

Contrary to other lotions in the market, Hada Labo Lotions are infused with up to 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid with different molecular sizes to ensure the Hyaluronic Acid can penetrate into every layer of the skin for deep and long-lasting hydration. Using Hada Labo will not only maintain skin moisture, it also helps to balance oil and water, minimize pores, delay signs of aging and prepare the skin for smooth and longer-lasting makeup.

In conjunction with the campaign, customers will also be receiving two complimentary bottles of Hada Labo Lotion (9ml) when they fill in their details on a microsite which can be accessed via Hada Labo Malaysia Website at http://hadalabo.com.my/ and Hada Labo Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MyHadaLabo/.

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