What’s Cooking At The fresh Beauty Kitchen At Suria KLCC Centre Court From 21-30 June 2019

Head to the fresh Beauty Kitchen at Suria KLCC’s Centre Court from 21-30 June 2019 to enjoy a sensorial journey of the fresh, natural ingredients used to create your fresh favourites. It’s also the first-of-its-kind beauty concept store with an interactive, bistro-like setting designed to take you through various sections of the Beauty Kitchen.

Credits: www.facebook.com/FreshbeautyMY

Treat yourself to delicious sips and bites, custom lip ritual, pampering facials, complimentary workshops and more as you discover your skin’s cravings. Register on Sephora Malaysia to experience the fresh ingredients and skip the queue.

Embark on a sensorial fresh journey with the help of the fresh Playbook that you will receive upon registration to discover the inspirations behind your fresh favourites. You’ll also be able to redeem a travel-size fresh Soy Face Cleanser when you finish visiting all 5 stations.

Credits: sephora.my

Some snippets of what you can expect:

There are complimentary skincare, kombucha, and floral workshops for you to join. As well as facials, all these you can sign up for on Sephora Malaysia.

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