Fight Dust And Pollution With The Laneige Anti-Pollution Line

Fight Dust And Pollution With The Laneige Anti-Pollution

The Laneige Anti-Pollution Line is here to give your skin an all-round protection against the harsh urban environment we’re all in daily. Put on the Anti-Pollution Defensor after your
basic skincare routine before heading out as a sunblock thanks to its SPF40 PA++. For additional protection while you’re out and about, bring along the Anti-Pollution Finishing Pact, and pat on an extra layer of protection that moisturizes and refreshes with a matte finish. End your busy day with a relaxing treat, the Anti-Pollution Mask which deeply cleanses pores whilst moisturizing and tightening your skin, giving you total protection from fine dust particles in the urban environment.

1. Anti-Pollution Defensor SPF 40+ PA++, RM145 (50ml)

Laneige Anti-Pollution Line, Anti-Pollution

Designed to be the finishing touch of your skincare routine, it provides a protective barrier to keep your skin clear and safe from harmful pollutants. Other than the Dust Block Technology™, the Anti-Pollution Defensor has a special blend of organic materials of Saururus Chinensis Extract and Green Tea Extract which helps to soothe skin irritated by dust particles as well as reducing pigmentation. It also contains Ginger oil to help strengthen your skin’s barrier.

2. Anti-Pollution Finishing Pact SPF 30+ PA+++, RM115 (12g)

Laneige Anti-Pollution Line, Anti-Pollution Finishing

The light green shade is a Green Tea Calming Powder which helps soothe irritated skin and the white shade is a Sebum Control Powder, which absorbs excess sebum giving your skin a fresh, soft finish.With Dust Block Technology™ which forms a protective coat on the skin surface that naturally reflects dust particles from the skin surface and oil control properties, the Anti-Pollution Finishing Pact SPF 30+ PA+++ has a Multi-Ball Defending Formula that lets the powder sit on your skin smoothly the skin, filling up the cracks on your skin’s surface.

3. Anti-Pollution Mask, RM90 (5 pieces)

Fight Dust And Pollution With The Laneige Anti-Pollution

Treat your skin with Laneige’s new Anti-Pollution Mask which acts as a fine dust filter that eliminates wastes in pores and on your skin, at least once a week. It’s made up of 3 organic materials which gave an innovate texture to the sheet mask that adheres nicely on your skin and gives a tightening effect:

  • Tencel (85%): An exclusive ingredient with high liquid content that moisturizes and soothes your skin.
  • Bamboo Carbon Fiber (10%): The main component attributed to fine dust filtering. It deeply cleanse pores, removing wastes accumulated on your skin. It also eliminates heavy metals from the surface of your skin, such as lead.
  • Fine Chitosan Fiber (5%): This ingredient allows the mask contents to be dissolved by your skin’s pH changes, a process known as pH metastasis tightening. As the liquid from the mask gets absorbed, it gives a refreshing lifting effect.

The Laneige Anti-Pollution Line of products is now available at all LANEIGE counters and boutiques in Malaysia.

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