How many of us actually know the importance of exfoliating? Or how often do you exfoliate your face? Some of us might be too sensitive for a scrub, however, exfoliation can benefit every skin type. Most importantly, exfoliating can make you look younger too! Before exfoliating, you may need to know more about exfoliating. Find out how:

Our skin will exfoliate naturally

When we are younger, our skin will naturally renew itself about every25 days. However, when we reach the age of 30s, the process begins to slow down which can result in more pigmentation, duller complexion and dark spots.

I can’t exfoliate

Yes, there are some scrubs that will make your skin red and itchy if your skin is sensitive. Gritty scrubs are definitely off-limits, but most people actually can benefit from a mild, short-contact exfoliating product. That is why you can choose a cleanser that is rich in fruit or plant enzymes and deep clean it gently.

Exfoliate at night time


Exfoliate at night time is better. This is because your skin will be more receptive once dead surface cells have been removed. On top of that, if you exfoliate at night, your skin cells will have more time to regenerate while your sleep.

Exfoliate will have anti-aging effect

When people think of exfoliating, they will think of it is to take away the dirt and dead skin. In fact, exfoliating can also have an anti-aging effect. If you choose the right exfoliate skin care products, you can effectively improve the bottom of the skin problems and have younger skin.

Exfoliate regularly makes a difference


Although exfoliating benefits to the skin, it can give the opposite effect if it is too frequent. For most of us, we should exfoliate 2 to 3 times in a week to keep our skin smooth. In spite of that, if your skin is sensitive, 1 to 2 times a week is a better choice.

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