Boost Your Mood and Skin with these Colorful Skincare Goodies from Sephora Collection

The prevailing Covid-19 situation may have hit ‘pause’ on most of our lives, but that doesn’t mean our beauty routine should stay the same. Boost your mood – and skin by enjoying some fuss-free skincare fun with Sephora Collection Colorful Skincare Collection, a cocktail of vitamin, plant, and fruit goodness that offers skin-loving benefits.

All these colourful skincare goodies are infused with the right mix of fruits and plants in the formula, giving your skin a burst of hydration that will leave your skin plump and glowy!

Sephora Collection Colorful Vitamin Face Mask

SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Vitamin Face Mask (RM21)

This banana fibre fabric face mask is formulated with 95% natural origin-ingredients, with a texture that makes it both highly absorbent and close-fitting to your skin for maximum comfort and efficacy. Choose from aloe vera, dragonfruit, mango, or papaya to treat your skin to vitamins C, E, B3, or B6. Five minutes is all it takes to give your complexion a quick boost of hydration and a serious glow.

Sephora Collection Vitamin Mask


Formulated with plant-based ingredients of 93% natural origin, these vitamin masks offer ultra-light hydration and targeted skin benefits with four fruit and vitamin combos. Get intense hydration with watermelon + vitamin E, tackle sebum and clogged skin with matcha tea + vitamin H, boost skin’s radiance with grapefruit + vitamins C, or soothe dry, inflamed skin with coconut milk + vitamin B3.

Sephora Collection Vitamin Tonic Lotion

Sephora Collection Vitamin Tonic Lotion (RM48)

This plant extract-enriched face tonic that features 96% natural-origin ingredients to feel instantly refreshed, hydrated, and nourished. Soften and hydrate skin with cucumber + vitamin E, boost your glow with passionfruit + vitamin C, or protect against pollution with dragonfruit + vitamin B3. Bonus: it also makes a great makeup primer! 

The SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Skincare Collection is now available at and Sephora in-app. 

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