The New Piaget Rose Rings and Timepieces Come in a Generous and Joyful Bouquet

The Piaget Rose collection welcomes two new rings and four new timepieces that each depict a whole bouquet of glorious and lavish Piaget roses. Best-known as one of the Maison’s exquisite jewellery collections, the Piaget Rose is also the name of an award-winning flower named after Yves Piaget. This rose comes in a unique and vibrant shade of fuchsia and is appreciated for its large bloom with 80 layers of petals and its fragrance that features hints of citrus.

This year’s Piaget Rose creations celebrate generosity and the beauty of sharing. Each piece is designed and developed by the artisans in Piaget’s “Ateliers de l’Extraordinaire”, but also introduces collaborations with external craftsmen and women who are leaders in their artistic fields.

Piaget Rose Rings

Piaget Rose green tourmaline ring

Two delicately-crafted Piaget Rose rings join the collection in a choice of pink or green. Pink for the vibrant colour of the Piaget Rose petals and green for the deep hue of the flower’s foliage. At the centre of each ring, a stunning tourmaline of approximately 5 carats is surrounded by gold and diamond buds, and Piaget Rose flowers. Each layer of rose petals is meticulously finished and set before being mounted on the ring in an asymmetrical design.

The original and audacious setting is inspired by Piaget’s high jewellery creations and shows an exceptional level of detail that even includes a delicate “Rose ajourée” open work decor that is secretly hidden on the back of each ring. It takes an impressive 50 hours of craftsmanship to complete each ring.

Piaget Rose pink

The green tourmaline ring comes in rose gold with 154 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.69 cts), one oval green tourmaline (approx. 4.92 cts) and 8 pear-shaped green tourmalines (approx. 1.36 cts). The pink tourmaline is set in a white gold ring with 154 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 1.69 cts), one oval pink tourmaline (approx. 4.94 cts) and 8 pear- shaped pink tourmalines (approx. 1.36 cts).

Piaget Rose Timepieces

This year sees the arrival of four new Piaget Rose timepieces that combine a mesmerizing mix of gold engraving, ornamental stones, glyptic, and enamel. Each of the four dials depicts a bouquet of Piaget Roses in all their splendour thanks to the expert work of two artisans, Dick Steenman, who is a watchmaking artisan, jeweller, gemsetter, and engraver, and Anita Porchet, the watch industry’s most renowned enamel artist.

Together, Anita Porchet and Dick Steenman have created four unique dials using gold, imperial jasper, coral, chrysoprase, mokaïte, enamel, and mother-of-pearl of various colours. These ornamental precious stones and materials have been combined with Piaget’s ultra-thin 430P movement in the creation of four exquisite limited editions of eight pieces.

All four limited editions come in an ultra-thin 36mm, 18-karat gold cases set with baguette-cut diamonds. Three of the four timepieces are adorned with ornamental stones as well as pink sapphires, green tsavorites and diamonds. The fourth one features an engraved solid gold dial adorned with pink sapphires amethysts and diamonds. Each timepiece is limited to eight pieces.

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