360° Fight Against Ageing: AsterSpring Total Anti-Ageing Therapy

The struggle for youthful skin is real, and keeping your skin looking radiant just gets tougher as we strive to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the modern lifestyle. More than ever, our skin’s ability to fight off daily stressors and new age pollutants (and yes, we’re guilty too for spending too much time on mobile gadgets!) gets weakened, hence early signs of ageing such as dryness, pigmentation spots, fine line and wrinkles, lackluster and dull looking skin become more apparent even in young adults in this new age.

The good news is that AsterSpring’s latest breakthrough treatment, Total Anti-Ageing Therapy will help your skin bounce back to youth in no time by reversing the signs of ageing; the perfect solution to looking years younger with safe, non-invasive and yet effective treatment.

360° Fight Against Ageing: AsterSpring Total Anti-Ageing Therapy-Pamper.myHow It Works?

AsterSpring Total Anti-Ageing Therapy reverses skin’s natural ageing process with the perfect blend of non-invasive technology and products to address skin ageing concerns with proven and visible results. This treatment incorporates award winning LPG Endermologie® the latest medical grade anti-aging technology, which has been scientifically proven to boost hyaluronic acid synthesis by 80% and improve collagen production.

In addition, AsterSpring Total Anti-Ageing Therapy addresses pigmentation and dry skin through the breakthrough Power Oxygen Essence, with key hero ingredient, Thiotaine that acts as fuel and nutrition to recharge the skin cell energy, revealing supple and healthy skin.

This newest non-invasive facial treatment that has been curated to work and penetrate deep into the skin layer, right down and into the cellular energy which is responsible for stimulating the fibroblast cells, in short to stimulate collagen cells growth and prepping your skin to counteract the effects of time, lifestyle and new age pollutants.

And you’ll love the additional skin benefit so common in Asian skin; slows down melanin production, leaving you with nothing but a super luminous, radiant glow. In addition to the visible, instant effects of lifting and re-plumping, experience this 360° anti-ageing breakthrough from the inside out.

Benefits Your Skin will ♥!

  • Immediate skin lifting & firming effect
  • Slows down melanin formation
  • Enhanced cellular energy for quicker collagen production
  • Instant skin hydration & luminosity

AsterSpring Total Anti-Ageing Therapy facial treatment brings you a brand new skin reinvigoration experience that takes 70 minutes through the steps of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, signature European massage techniques, followed by the award-winning LPG Endermologie® machine, a relaxing AsterSpring Signature Touch upper shoulder massage during masque and finished off with the application of toner, moisturizer and sun protection to preserve your now rejuvenated and recharged skin. To ensure optimized results as part of your personalized skin health management program, AsterSpring professional skincare therapist may also recommend to enhance your skin health with the appropriate homecare regimen including Dermalogica skincare.

AsterSpring Total Anti-Ageing Therapy is now available in Malaysia at:

  • AsterSpring standard outlets – RM528.00
  • AsterSpring Signature outlets – RM570.00

*Prices are inclusive of 6% GST.

For more information and enquiries, visit AsterSpring website at www.asterspring.com or its Facebook.

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