We all know that Miranda Kerr looks absolutely stunning although she is in the 30 plus! Looks like she has been frozen in time and blessed with skin that would make any twenties envy with it. During her recent interview, she revealed her beauty secrets which sounds absolutely terrifying for us. Read here to know more!

Do you know that there is a type of facial called as leech facials? Yes, Miranda Kerr revealed that she had tried the treatment! She explained, “It’s adventurous, health is wealth. They’ve been doing leech therapy for thousands of years.”

So, what exactly is leech facial? Live leeches are placed on your face to feed, then the blood they consume is smeared over the skin like a face mask. It will help to tighten skin and leaves you looking younger. After the treatment, you are not allowed to reuse the leeches, thus kills them is the only choice. However, Miranda Kerr said that she kept the leeches in her koi pond.

Would you take the courage to try if you were given a chance? To be honest, there are plenty of facials and masks on the market that can help to tighten our skin, let’s use the facial treatment available in the market.

Featured Image: www.fashionandbeautyinc.com

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