Discover The Sneakers Evolution, From The Classics To Now

Discover The Sneakers Evolution, From The Classics To

Did you know that sneakers go way back to the 18th century?

Back then, rubber shoes gained popularity when shoes were finally able to be mass-produced as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Along with faster production, new products were also introduced to the shoe industry—in this case, vulcanized rubber. The first rubber-soled shoes were developed in England and called “plimsolls” which were made without a discernible right nor left foot. Interestingly enough, ‘sneakers’ got their name as rubber shoes were initially made for the use of catching criminals without being caught.

Discover The Sneakers Evolution, From The Classics To
Vans Old Skool

The first ever pair of sneakers to be mass produced for sale in the market were a canvas-topped shoe that was produced by the United States Rubber Company. It was then known as a streamlined, basic shoe featuring a rubber sole that would hold up far better than a pair of leather shoes that were used for sports. However, not long after in the 19th century, there was the introduction of exciting innovations in the sneaker industry, namely the introduction of the well-loved Converse All Star high-tops which were known as the first basketball shoes in the world and bringing in the world’s first running shoe complete with ripple shoes deemed as “The Trackster” by New Balance.

Discover The Sneakers Evolution, From The Classics To
Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars High-Top and Classic.

By the 1980s, the sneaker began its climb from footwear basic to an iconic trend and it was during this decade that modern sneaker culture began. In 1985, Nike collaborated and released a line of basketball shoes with NBA basketball player Michael Jordan, which generated and fuelled the hype amongst consumers for sneakers.

Sneakers vs Trainers?

There used to be a difference between the terms ‘sneakers’ and ‘trainers’. Initially, trainers were designed with technical aspects in mind as they were most commonly used for sporting purposes, such as for tennis and running. In terms of design, trainers are typically equipped with functional elements such as added ankle support, shock absorbing soles, light-weight fabric and sturdier materials for a better fit.

Although trainers are designed to be used primarily for sports and exercise, it was still a common sight back then to see people wearing trainers for fashion as well due to its comfort. By the 1990s, when fashion trends had started to evolve as people started consciously pairing their trainers with their casual wear for that stylish and sporty look, that’s when the term ‘trainers’ became synonymous with the term ‘sneakers’. For example, Converse shoes were initially launched as conventional basketball shoes, but today, the very same pair of Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops are worn as casual trainers which can be easily paired with any outfit.

Discover The Sneakers Evolution, From The Classics To
Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars Hi-Top

Since the 19th century, trainers are the easiest type of shoes to pair with various looks and styles, from a smart casual look, for that sporty yet stylish feel and even to pull off edgy yet cool vibes. It’s the best of both worlds where comfort meets style.

In today’s era, trainers are taking the world by storm with well-known celebrities collaborating with certain shoe brands to come up with their own limited edition trainer collection or styles including the Yeezy Boosts and the Puma Fenty collection. In addition, certain classic retro trainer styles and designs have recently made a comeback this year such as the Vans Old Skool collection, Nike Air Force 1, Reebok Classic Leather and the Adidas Originals Stan Smiths, amongst others.

Discover The Sneakers Evolution, From The Classics To
Reebok Classic Leather

There are many types of trainers available nowadays, ranging from high-tops, to slip-ons and the well-loved classic lace-ups as well as an array of various colourways to suit everyone’s distinctive style and personal tastes, particularly with the availability of colourways and selected models which are solely exclusive to JD stores. At JD’s 6th and latest King of Trainers outlet to join the ever-growing JD family located at IOI City Mall, there are selected store-exclusive products available such as Nike Air Max 98, adidas Alpha Bounce 2, Converse One Star, Nike Vapormax Plus, New Balance 697 and Reebok Pump Supreme that are expected to drop in as early as January 2018.

Discover The Sneakers Evolution, From The Classics To
Adidas Alpha Bounce 2 in Black

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