If you realise, probiotic-rich foods back on trend! Everyone is talking about probiotic-rich food, from yoghurt, dark chocolate, miso soup to tempeh, a lot of people are consuming it as it is essential for digestive health. The beneficial forms of gut bacteria that help stimulate the natural enzymes and processes that keep our digestive organs from functioning properly is much needed by everyone.

So, how does it work? Even the skincare products now contain probiotics to feed the body’s largest organ. The probiotic-enriched skincare is multiplying faster than the love bacteria it contains. “Good bacteria in the gut can help eliminate toxins and reduce inflammation, but we’re now discovering that probiotics can help eliminate free radical damage to the skin,” says Elizabeth Arden head of education, Philippa Curnow.

When your body is not healthy, our skin is the first area of our body to show signs of poor health. This is a sign that your digestive system and organs that eliminate toxins are not functioning at their optimum. While probiotics will act as a good bacteria to rebalance the gut microflora.

On top of that, probiotics also help to strengthen the skin’s barrier and prevent and treat multiple skin issue.
On the other side, the anti-inflammatory effect of probiotic will help to soothe redness, skin irritation and conditions such as acne and uneven skin tone.

It is no wonder why probiotics are on the beauty trend right now, apart from the probiotics skin care, we also need to add probiotic foods to our diet to protect our health.

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