Years ago, booking a salon appointment would require making phone call or SMS. Nowadays one could easily book an appointment via social messaging platforms like WhatsApp or WeChat. However if you don’t know anyone in the industry, the best way for you to look for one is probably to ask around on social media or acquire referrals with word of mouth.

Thanks to the growing amount of startups, we have many online platforms that help people to find beautician, hairstylists, or any wellness professional. These three platforms are here to help you book an appointment for a beauty or wellness services, easier and faster, at anytime, anywhere.

1. Bfab


Bfab, which stands for “be fabulous”, was founded last year in September. It is an online platform to book services related to beauty and wellness.

One thing about Bfab that caught our attention is that the platform offers a real-time booking availability whereby you can access the calendar of each salon in real-time.  Once you have booked your slots, you will be receiving instant confirmation even if it is 2am midnight.

2. Beaupass


Beaupass is a platform that provides you unlimited access to best salons and spas in town for a monthly fee. The lowest package costs RM 99, which is the one-month pass.

To place your booking, just head to their website, pick your desire Beaupass’s beauty centre services, then press the “Book” button next to the service. The beauty centre will give you a call to arrange the appointment time in 48 hours.

3. WeStyleAsia


WeStyleAsia is a local platform that helps people to book hair stylists, beauty and wellness professionals directly, anytime and anywhere. However, the team from WeStyleAsia focuses more on salons at the moment.

On the platform, you get to look for beauty centre and book appointments online with ease of rescheduling as well as tracking your appointment history. Moreover, once you are a member of WeStyleAsia, you are being given access to benefits such as discounts or last minute appointments with salons and stylists.

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