3 Signs Your Nails Will Reveal About Your Health

3 Signs Your Nails Will Reveal About Your Health-Pamper.my
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We all love to have freshly manicured fingers and toes to give us that extra boost of confidence when needed. Also, you can learn a lot about your health by keeping an eye on your nails. Your nail condition might be warning signs from your body on your health.

3 Things Your Nails Say About You-Pamper.my
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Before you panic though, consider what you have been doing with your nails recently. Have you been changing your nail polish often? Have you added gems or glitter that takes a lot of removers to get it off your nails? These could dehydrate your nails. Also, like any other health clue your body sends off, it usually will let you know in plenty of time to address it. So, be aware, but don’t panic.

Here are 3 nails signs that you should pay attention to.

1. Spoon Nails

3 Things Your Nails Say About You-Pamper.my
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Do your nails curve around the edges and scoop in like a spoon? This is referred to as spoon nails. This can be a sign of anaemia. If this is new to you, or if you feel overly tired, consult your doctor. You may have an iron deficiency.

2. Thick and discoloured nails

3 Things Your Nails Say About You-Pamper.my
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Thick nails that are yellowed or have a greenish or brownish hue could be warning you of a fungal or bacterial infection. Fungal infections can affect any area of the body but, they tend to be more noticeable in the fingernails and toenails.

3. Dry and Brittle nails

3 Things Your Nails Say About You-Pamper.my
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The most common cause of this is the abuse of nail polish remover. It is also common with people who wash their hands a lot or use cleaning chemicals on their jobs.

Gel Nail Craze

3 Signs Your Nails Will Reveal About Your Health-Pamper.my
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Gel manicures are great because they last a long time and the designs and extensions that you can do is endless, but, if you are a person who loves to change your look every few days, it pays to use a high-quality product. The care of your nails is worth more than the small change you might save. Once you have overstressed the nails, it will take some time for them to recover. Head to https://www.pinkgellac.com/ to get quality nail products that’ll care for your nails without the damage.

Even if you’re low maintenance, you still have to give a little TLC to your nails to keep it healthy. See these 6 tips to care for your nails:

  1. Use the proper nail polish or gel remover products. Gel nails stay on for a long time. They have a hard finish that people are sometimes tempted to peel off or pull away from the nail. This will damage your fingernails. Use a nail remover or gel remover to remove the product without damage, or get a professional manicurist to remove it for you.
  2. Keep your hands and nails clean. You can prevent infection if you can keep bacteria away from your nail bed. Do not over-file your nails which can lead to small cuts in the skin. Wear rubber gloves when you have to put your hands in chemicals (even dish soap) and water.
  3. Use a sharp manicure scissors to trim your nails. Trim straight across, then gently around. Never bite them or pull them off. Clip a broken nail with correct tools.
  4. Use moisturizer or lotion. When you apply lotion, massage it into the fingernails and cuticles.
  5. If your nails are already damaged, use a nail hardener to give them time to get stronger.
  6. If your nails hurt or bleed, see your doctor. It may be nothing, but a serious nail infection could cause you to lose you nail, and you don’t want that.

It only takes a little time to care for your nails. Even if you are gel polish junkie, try to let your nails have time recover between manicures. You can paint them once a week, then the following week add a darker color to one or two of them. Week three you can add decorations or nail art. This gives you three looks before you have to remove the gel.

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