Many women are looking for skincare that can deliver impressive results, this is why you should use Mary Kay new skincare products. Introducing the LumiVie products range now infused with the power of the multi-functioning Tahitian black pearl. The Tahitian black pearl possesses brightening, energizing, moisturizing and skin-tone evening capabilities.

Many women agree that LumiVie Skin Care delivers impressive results like no other product. Women have said that these products reveal skin’s radiance, leaving skin with a healthy glow that actually makes skin appear lit from within. Others have said that our black pearl products boost skin energy and reawaken skin vitality, restoring skin vibrancy. Overall, women say that their skin’s appearance is dramatically enhanced, more even-toned and left feeling soft and supple.

LumiVie Skin Care products can easily be paired with existing skincare products. For instance, the LumiVie serum and mask are great products to add to your current skincare regime. The serum brightens, energizes and adds moisture to your skin. The key ingredient of black pearls will make your skin glow, like pearls. Another key ingredient that’s available in the Black Sheet Mask is the Binchotan Charcoal sourced from ubame oak in Wakayama, Japan-a wood charcoal fiber that’s able to absorb 700%its weight in water. The mask leaves skin feeling moisturized, upon waking the next morning. It’s best to start by using the cleanser, followed with the serum, moisturizer then the black mask sheet which to is used twice a week.

On the other side, the all-new Mary Kay Youthfinity Serum is the most luxurious serum by Mary Kay. It contains Alpen Rose, Evening Primrose, and Infinite Tripeptide to release you free from stressors that attack your beauty inside and out. The Complex helps your skin resist damage, helps rejuvenate matrix proteins and helps reveal youth fulvitality‡. The magnificent ingredients also help to protect skin from external irritants and formulated with an additional active ingredient which is the Menyanthes trifoliata leaf extract in order to target skin proteins.

Powered by the exclusive Infinite Rose Complex, Youthfinity Serum releases your skin free from stressors that attack your beauty inside and out. It is formulated to help your skin resist damage, helps rejuvenate the structure of the skin, and helps reveal youthful vitality as skin feels renewed from within. Another uniqueness of this serum is that it has Alpen Rose in one of its key ingredients which could live up to 100 years in harsh conditions. It especially helps the skin to resist damage from external stressors such as UV, Harsh cold, wind, and extreme dryness.

The LumiVie skincare products are priced from RM125-RM264 while the Youthfinity Serum is priced at RM599 (30ml). Visit here for more information.