Why A Longwear, Lightweight Matte Lipstick Is A Must For Raya

Rouge Signature Matte Color Ink in “I Embrace” (124). Source: L’Oréal Paris Malaysia

If lipstick could be worn like shoes to suit occasions, what would the BEST lipstick for Raya be like? That was the question we asked ourselves at Pamper.My the other day. Curious, we got our beauty brains on and got intensively into research, debate and testing.

What should its features be? How should it feel on the lips? Texture? Sensation? Matte? Glossy?

Here’s what we found out…

1It Must Be Long-Lasting

Rouge Signature Matte Color Ink in “I Rule” (105). Source: L’Oréal Paris Malaysia

As you’re having fun during Raya with family and friends (and glorious food), your lippy MUST keep up. The last thing you want is to start the day with a freshly-made face and end with faded lips. While it’s no big hassle to reapply one’s lip colour, we’d prefer a lippy that can weather a long day of sweat, relatives and food. Convenience, ladies! Life is already effort enough.

2It Must Feel Barely There

Because who likes that thick, sticky texture of certain lippys? They feel heavy and makes your lips stick to any cup or glass. That’s why we’re in favor of a lightweight texture. It’s easy to wear and feels like it’s barely there. After all, looking stellar for Raya takes a lot of effort so comfort matters.

3Comfort In One Swipe

Rouge Signature Matte Color Ink in “I choose” (121). Source: L’Oréal Paris Malaysia

If we are going to spend the whole day in makeup, the best solution is to invest in a lippy that’s gives you full, smooth application and isn’t drying. Believe us, it preserves the lusciousness of your lips!

Lastly, and to stay in trend…

4It Must Be Matte

Source: L’Oréal Paris Malaysia

Gloss fans must be screaming WHY? But hear us out. While we love both gloss and matte lippys, going for a matte finish during Raya is a life hack. Gloss lipsticks fade more easily than matte. They also require regular application to keep the colour on. Matte lipsticks, being highly pigmented, last so much longer while staying brilliantly vibrant. It’s beauty with practicality, this!

Now you must be curious to know if there’s a lippy that fits all this criteria. There is! Introducing the L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Color Ink.

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This liquid-based lippy is the ULTIMATE RAYA PICK because it is…

● Lightweight
● Comfortable Wear
● Lasting Matte Impact
● Foolproof, easy application
● Bold Colors

If you’ve always disliked how sticky matte longwear lippys can be, the Rouge Signature needs to be your Raya lippy.

Source: L’Oréal Paris Malaysia

The L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Color Ink comes with soft doe-foot applicator for precision and no-mess application.

These matte liquid lipsticks are available in 10 bold matte shades to fit your Raya look. Will you be going for soft “I Explore” shade or the more statemental “I Represent”?

Rouge Signature Matte Color Ink in “I Explore” (116) (left) and “I Represent” (114) (right).
Source: L’Oréal Paris Malaysia

Whichever shade you pick, we’re positive it will capture your best self.

Each L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Color Ink only cost RM49.90.

Can’t wait to get one? Visit L’Oréal Paris’s official Lazada store today to purchase it or get it today at any leading pharmacies (Watsons, Guardian or AEON Wellness).

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