In view of the current economy slowdown, we will have to spend more wisely especially in buying makeup products that can be incredibly expensive. To ensure that we get the most out of our makeup, check out some tips here to make your makeup products last longer.

Make the Lipstick Last Longer

lipstick-1418247-639x424De-potting your favorite lipstick and use a clean tool to scoop up every last inch. Take the remaining product and add it to a small clean container and then you can use a lipstick blush to apply your lipstick from the container.

What to do if you Crack the Eye-shadow?

cosmetics-1165443If you crack your eyeshadow, adding a couple of drops of alcohol into the cracked eyeshadow and use your finger to smooth out the product (make sure your fingers are clean), and the you will get a pratically new eyeshadow.

Don’t Waste the Mascara

mascara-perfume-3-1526339How to loosen up your mascara? Placing the tube in the warm water for several minutes and this will allowing you to get the most out of your tube.

Till The Last Drop

To get the most out of your favorite perfume when you’re down to the last drop, try to add the remainder of the perfume to an unscented lotion. So you would have a scented lotion that smells just like your perfume.