L’Occitane Malaysia Plants for the Future with First Biodiversity Project

L’Occitane Malaysia has embarked on a commendable mission to preserve biodiversity in Pahang, a global hotspot brimming with unique ecosystems. Partnering with The Habitat Foundation and Pahang State Parks Corporation, the initiative aims to revitalize the critically endangered ecosystem of the Al-Sultan Abdullah Tiger Reserve.

The project focuses on replanting 1,000 native fruit trees across 200 hectares of degraded forest within the reserve by July 2024. These trees, once abundant in the area, serve as a vital food source for wildlife, including the Malayan tiger. This restoration effort not only benefits animals, but also strengthens the forest’s ability to capture carbon dioxide, contributing to a nature-based solution for climate change.


L’Occitane’s commitment extends beyond planting trees. A specialized nursery in Kuala Krau cultivates the saplings, fostering local ownership and stewardship of the project. Local communities are actively involved in nursery management and seed propagation, ensuring the long-term survival of the trees.

L’Occitane Malaysia’s initiative reflects the brand’s longstanding dedication to environmental stewardship. Inspired by nature, L’Occitane recognizes the vital role biodiversity plays in human well-being and a healthy planet. This project adds to their global efforts to combat species extinction and ecosystem degradation.

Together, we can make a positive impact. Join L’Occitane Malaysia in their mission to regenerate nature and preserve endangered wildlife.

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