Are you the one who using soap instead of body wash? If you are, this is the article dedicated to you! Well, if you are not, maybe you can get the idea of what to buy for your friends and family on their birthday. There are many different kinds of soap sell on the market, however, this Korean brand soap will make you crazy about it! Read more.

Here is the main reason why we introduce this Binu Binu soap for you. You will instantly get attracted by the shape and the simple yet elegant design of the soap. Look at how pretty is it!

Binu Binu is a collection of modern soaps inspired by the ritual of the Korean public bath where generations are brought together in the simple act of cleansing. Their formulas are based on the idea of daily ritual, intergenerational bonding, and the infamous Korean scrub treatment “Seshin”. Seshin is a vigorous, pragmatic and extremely effective exfoliating treatment that can be found in the baths.

On top of that, they are using 100% natural plant botanical ingredients and essential oils, thus you can use it worry-free. All of the soap is made by hand in small batches by using the cold process method which can help to retains the skin benefiting properties of natural oils. Best of all? Binu Binu soaps are fragrance-free and do not contain palm oils, synthetic detergents, artificial colourants, parabens, sulfates, or animal products.

In short, if you would like to get 100% natural plants ingredients soap which made from hand with the cold process formula, Binu Binu is what you need to try out today!

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