Sure, we wash our hair with shampoo to keep our hair healthy and smelling great. However, washing hair every day removes our natural oils and proteins, causing our hair to dry out quicker. If you would like to scent your hair without washing it, hair perfume should be your new go-to beauty product.

Without further ado, today we are introducing you a new hair perfume by French fashion house, Balmain. The brand has released a limited edition hair perfume, named Balmain Hair Perfume (Parfum Cheveux), which is part of the brand’s ultra-luxury hair care line.

balmain-1Bottled in a classy vintage styled perfume bottle, the hair perfume is a delicate hair mist that leaves your hair smelling fresh and scented. Added to that, the product is infused with a mixture of silk protein and argan elixir to nourish and repair your hair.

The notes unfold over time, with scents of star anise, tarragon, pinewood, peach blossom, raspberry, gardenia, orange blossom, cloves, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, apricot, lilac amber, vanilla, sandalwood, cedarwood, balsamic and white musk. Throughout the day, the scent subtly fuses into your hair and amplified by your hair’s natural movement.

Priced at €80 which is about RM 380 at current exchange, the 100 ml Balmain Hair Perfume is currently available on, alongside the entire luxury hair care line.

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