Hottest Hair Trend of 2016, Gray Ombre Hair

Hottest Hair Trend of 2016, Gray Ombre Hair - Pamper.My

Whether you call it Grombre hair or granny hair, this gray ombre hair trend is here to stay. Girls all over the world are putting their hair under the bleach to get these social media-populated silvery locks. But with nice hair, comes a big responsibility. It’s a high-maintenance hair colour just like the usual pastel shades, and your hair takes a big damage from the bleaching and colouring. So this hairstyle needs a lot of colour touch-ups, treatments and trims, not for the faint-hearted and lazy ones.

But if you are ready to hop onto the bandwagon, we have some inspirations here for you! Gray ombre hair works for anyone, it doesn’t matter if you’ve tanned skin, just make sure your workplace is cool with this hair colour. You can always opt for highlights or dip-dyes if dyeing the whole head is too big of a investment.

Of course, it’s best to consult your hairstylist to get the best style of gray ombre hair for you! You can even ask them to put hints of blonde together with the gray for a more dimensional look.

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