Wigs are becoming increasingly popular as a fashion accessories in recent years mainly thanks to celebrities’ influences. People who are desiring a bold or immediate change for a role will choose to use wigs to create a new look.


Many of you may want to try out wig for styling but however have no idea how to choose a right wig for yourself. Here are some simple guide on selecting the right wig according to your face shape and skin color.

How to Choose the Right Wig?

When choosing a wig one must think of their skin color. Different wigs work best with specific skin colors.


For example, someone with white skin it is often fashionable to go with a light brown color, one that would resemble coffee. The thought process behind using a light brown is that people with white skin often bring out the rosy and vivid colors in your face, people will not get lost in your hair or even think to question it as being a wig.

People with more of a yellow skin tone are encouraged go with a darker color such as black or a dark coffee brown, the thought process of using a darker wig is that they will contrast your skin much better, making you look whiter than you really are.

For people with a black or brown skin tone, often times a black or orange wig will look best, these colors will bring out the natural look of the skin and will come off natural.

If you have a natural skin tone (i.e. you are not wearing makeup) it is really up to you on what you use, natural skin tone often doesn’t need a wig to make it look healthier.

Next, when choosing a wig, think of your face shape. There are five common face shapes.

doll-3925_960_720For long faces it is best to use a wig that either looks permed or curly, these options will make the face look wider than long.

For square faces people should avoid straight or square hair to the jaw. People with square faces should try long very long hair or curly hair wigs.

For round faces use a 3:7 scale fashion wig, these will keep your bangs showing, on the other hand you could try a square or straight hairstyle. Either style will make your face look taller and skinnier than it really is.

Diamond faces should use medium length hair, it will not be too pronounced and will highlight the skinny diamond jawline.

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