Fight Premature Scalp Aging with Aveda’s New Vegan Scalp Solutions Collection

Most of us now recognize the importance of a healthy lifestyle when it comes to beauty and wellbeing, yet many fail to consider the health of their scalp. Our scalps are often overlooked, thought about only when there’s an issue with our hair. Aveda, the vegan hair care brand, has gone beyond with their latest Scalp Solutions franchise that is designed to nurture your scalp as much as your hair, ensuring a clean and healthy environment for luscious locks.

Backed by 8 years of scientific research and 13 clinical studies, Aveda’s new Scalp Solutions leverages botanical adaptogenic scalp science and delivers a holistic approach to scalp care offering a high-performance scalp care regimen. This five-product lineup, is a 94% naturally derived collection of botanically-powered products designed to fight visible signs of premature scalp aging for healthier looking hair with renewed vitality and shine.

With its five hair and scalp care products, Scalp Solutions takes serious performance and effectiveness seriously when it comes to fighting premature scalp aging. Featuring the star of their collection – their Overnight Scalp Renewal Serum featuring Biotech Naturals blend of Lactobacillus ferment and Ectoin that help strengthen and fortify the scalp’s barrier to help support a balanced microbiome – you can now fight those signs old age while you sleep for ultimate convenience. This powerful serum also infused with skincare inspired adaptogens – Centella asiatica and Andrographis – help enhance the scalp’s ability to fight the visible signs of premature aging by protecting and shielding the scalp from environmental aggressors and oxidative stressors, and Hyaluronic acid helps increases scalp hydration for a more supple scalp, within a short period of time.

Scalp Solutions Overnight Scalp Renewal Serum

In addition to the luxurious serum, Scalp Solutions’ complete hair and scalp regimen also includes an Exfoliating Scalp Treatment, a Balancing Shampoo, a Replenishing Conditioner, and a Refreshing Protective Mist. These powerful, botanically infused products offer you the most luxurious, pampering experience for a complete hair and scalp health regime.

Scalp Solutions Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

Scalp Solutions Exfoliating Scalp Treatment, an indulgent skincare-inspired liquid-gel exfoliant that is 96% naturally derived and free of sulfates and silicones. Formulated with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid and ferment-derived glucosamine, this gentle yet effective exfoliant will deeply cleanse the scalp of pollutants, product buildup, and micro-dust, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Perfect for those with normal-to-dry scalp types or color treated hair, use this luxurious treatment once per week for best results.

Scalp Solutions Stimulating Scalp Massager

For an additional invigorating scalp experience, use the Scalp Solutions Stimulating Scalp Massager together with the Exfoliating Scalp Treatment which features soft, flexible micro-bristles to gently yet effectively lift impurities from the scalp and increase microcirculation with massage.

Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo

Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo, a luxurious 94% naturally derived, sulfate free and silicone free formula. Blended with a host of nourishing plant derived cleansing agents, this shampoo gently whisks away surface pollution and product build-up, while simultaneously replenishing and balancing your scalp with essential hydration. Ideal for normal-to-oily or normal-to-dry scalps, its revitalizing action is further enhanced when used with Scalp Solutions Replenishing Conditioner for superior scalp hydration. Pamper your scalp with every wash and enjoy a renewed sense of vitality and balance.

Scalp Solutions Replenishing Conditioner

Scalp Solutions Replenishing Conditioner, a 98% naturally derived, sulfate-cleanser-free and silicone-free formula featuring a blend of nourishing babassu and moringa oils that will leave your hair and scalp feeling soft and hydrated. For an even more indulgent experience, pair Scalp Solutions Replenishing Conditioner with Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo and boost scalp hydration by 92%9. This conditioner is recommended for use with every wash and is suitable for those with normal-to-oily and normal-to-dry scalp types.

Scalp Solutions Refreshing Protective Mist (not available in Malaysia)

Scalp Solutions Refreshing Protective Mist is formulated with an exquisite blend of adaptogenic botanicals, Centella Asiatica and Andrographis, enhanced with restorative Vitamin E, Resveratrol and Rosemary and Ginger Extracts. These powerful ingredients protect and shield the scalp from air pollution, oxidative stressors and environmental aggressors. In addition to its protective benefits, this mist also contains Licorice extract and Zinc PCA that help reduce excess sebum production in oily scalps while controlling oiliness – making this mist a great choice for those with oily scalps. Unfortunately, this exceptional product is currently unavailable in the Malaysian market.

Formulated for all hair types and those with normal-to-oily and normal-to-dry scalp types, Aveda’s Scalp Solutions is 100% cruelty free, vegan and has packaging that is 100% post-consumer recycled PET.

Aveda’s Scalp Solutions collection is available now in Aveda salons, stores and online at Lazada and Zalora.

  • Scalp Solutions Exfoliating Scalp Treatment 150ml – RM230
  • Scalp Solutions Balancing Shampoo 200ml – RM170
  • Scalp Solutions Replenishing Conditioner 200ml – RM195
  • Scalp Solutions Overnight Scalp Renew Serum 50ml – RM245
  • Scalp Solutions Stimulating Scalp Massager – RM150

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