If you listen to the radio most of the time, most probably you will be heard of “Despacito”. “Despacito” is the most watched video on Youtube, and we have watched it twice just to know more about what is this song all about. Are you curious that how old is singer-songwriter Daddy Yankee this year?


Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez, known by his stage name Daddy Yankee is a Puerto Rican singer who is 40 years old this year. His first daughter was born when he was seventeen years old, and now he is the father of 3 children.


On the other side, most of you must be wondering how he takes care of his skin as his skin is looking smooth and plump like 20 plus years old. And he revealed in an interview that he did not use skin care, not even a moisturizer. However, he only uses the best and top quality extra virgin olive oil. He encountered dry skin problem before using olive oil, but after using this he found it is very effective on his skin.

Try to buy a small bottle of top quality extra virgin olive oil and add in to your daily skincare routine. You may feel the difference in yourself too!


Featured Image: www.i.pinimg.com

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