The Rosa Mundi Collection, A Meeting Between Diptyque & Antoinette Poisson

The Rosa Mundi Collection, A Meeting Between Diptyque & Antoinette Poisson - Pamper.My

A few years ago, diptyque was inspired by the creative fervour and passion of three young people with a passion for their craft, the restoration of wallpapers and wall decorations to join forces in order to breathe new life into domino paper, to collaborate on a Valentine’s Day Collection. The challenge: to illustrate a fragrance, the Rosa Mundi rose, and transpose it in some way to paper. This led to the creation of this collection, both olfactory and visual, a limited edition designed according to pure diptyque tradition: an art of living that combines interior decoration, fragrances and objects within a refined universe.

In order to revive this craft, which reached its peak in the 18th century and disappeared during the first half of the following century, the three friends chose a name: À Paris chez Antoinette Poisson, inspired by a patron of the arts, the Marquise de Pompadour, born Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson. Domino paper – used to cover books, boxes and walls, block-printed and coloured by stencil or by hand – favours two types of decoration: figurative motifs and geometric patterns. These two styles are charmingly combined in the creation of two exclusive designs by Antoinette Poisson for diptyque: a fresh, floral, luminous evocation based on the rose and a simple, vibrant graphic design.

Domino paper and the world of Antoinette Poisson

Once the motifs have been created, adorned with roses and an imaginary foliage that blossoms on a soft, delicate green background, they are handprinted on pure chiffon laid paper in 330 x 420 mm format and outlined, as tradition dictates, with a band indicating the brand name and model number. When framed, they serve as paintings; or, joined together, they can paper part of a wall or an entire room.

Diptyque Rosa Mundi Collection Candle - Pamper.MyTwo formats of Rosa Mundi candles are adorned with this floral motif whose main colours, green and pink, express the subtle duality of this fragrance that is both romantic and invigorating. The two most beautiful roses in perfumery, the Damask rose, the rose of Damascus, and the Centifolia, or Provence “May Rose” rose, are celebrated in the multiplicity and richness of their aromas.

Diptyque Rosa Mundi Collection Candle - Pamper.MyIn the top note, blackcurrant and bergamot bring them freshness, fruity lychee enhances their petals, while geranium intensifies their naturalness… a thicket of roses blossoms before us. To decorate glasses, paper again takes centre stage. It is a paper with very long fibres, crafted especially for the purpose, which, when the candle burns, is illuminated by the light of the flame. To complete the collection, a perfumed disc of wax and porcelain, prettily protected by a box-drawer with two motifs, will fragrance and decorate a wardrobe.

Diptyque Rosa Mundi Collection Palet - Pamper.My

L’Eau Dominotée

Diptyque Rosa Mundi Collection L’Eau Dominotée - Pamper.MySimilar to diptyque’s emblematic Vinaigre de Toilette, it can be worn as a perfume, sprayed into the air, or used to fragrance fabrics. Its fragrance has the natural grace of the rose, the spiciness of the garden, and a light, almost undetectable trace of patchouli. Because the latter has the strange ability to fix fragrances to textiles, giving them hold and endurance.

Eau Rose

A newly created solid Eau Rose perfume joins diptyque’s permanent collection. This type of perfume, which dates back four thousand years, was very much in vogue in the 1920s. This balm, with its persistent perfume, is placed delicately on the skin at a few sensitive points that enhance fragrances, such as the neck and wrists. A luxurious little engraved black box, which adopts the emblematic diptyque oval, encloses the wax perfumed with Eau Rose. A combination of two incomparable roses, Centifolia and Damask rose, it is rendered even more brilliant, sumptuous and sensual as time passes by a blend of lychee, honey and cedar.

The Rosa Mundi Collection available in January 2017 at the diptyque stores and other diptyque retailers.

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