Diptyque’s 2020 City Candle Collection Will Make Its Debut in Malaysia for a Limited Time

The exclusive diptyque’s 2020 City Candle collection that’s usually sold only in their respective cities, for the first time ever, the full City Candle collection will be available in Malaysia at diptyque Pavilion Kuala Lumpur boutique just for 10 days, from 17-27 September 2020.

The diptyque City Candles form a unique collection where each candle is named after a city, with a fragrance and design echoing the metropolis. The nine remarkable megacities – Berlin, Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, Londres, Miami, New-York, Paris, Shanghai and Tokyo – have their own little diptyque flame that glows in harmonic resonance with the city it epitomises.

1Berlin Scented Candle

The scents of the Berlin candle transport you to the German capital’s most prestigious avenue, surrounded by the heady scent of blossoming linden trees, a powerful perfume with light honey accents.

Leaves and linden flowers are elegantly stylized on this colorful box, the motif of which is inspired by the Brandenburg Gate, emblem of the city, built in the 18th century at the entrance to the old city of Berlin.

2Beverly Hills Scented Candle

The Beverly Hills candle embodies the city’s palm trees and lush gardens in the shade of which bloom enticing bouquets of white flowers mingled with mint and lemon to create a radiant accord.

The candle’s colorful design has a psychedelic touch that is native to the west coast and pays homage to the famous Martinique wallpaper, the iconic pattern used in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

3Hong Kong Scented Candle

The Hong Kong candle is an ode to nature expressed through notes built around the famous Bauhinia Blakeana, accented with a floral-vanilla accord.

Dressed in a colourful graphic pattern, the candle is inspired by the city’s urban density. The climbing orchid dresses the city with vertiginous architecture, flowers and foliage.

4Londres Scented Candle

The scent of the London candle takes you to the heart of the Columbia Road flower market. Its unique notes of heliotrope, lilac, juniper and hyacinth are warmed with a touch of spice.

With its floral detailing, the vessel celebrates traditional bright and refined English wallpapers, and pays homage to those of the historic Westbourne Grove diptyque boutique.

5Miami Scented Candle

The scent of the Miami candle offers an exotic aroma of delicate magnolia blossoms enhanced by delicious citrus notes, reminiscent of Key Lime Pie, Florida’s signature dessert.

The candle draws its inspiration from the city’s graphic design universe with a motif combining banana leaves with small beach umbrellas, as seen from the sky.

6New-York Scented Candle

The New York candle evokes the golden age of alluring speakeasies and the city’s nightlife. Notes of cedar wood, vetiver and patchouli heightened by mysterious incense are a scented echo of these legendary and contemporary sights.

The candle’s golden Art Deco motif on a midnight blue background is an elegant reference to the architectural style that has always shaped the city.

7Paris Scented Candle

The Paris candle takes you to the heart of Saint Germain, an emblematic district of Parisian chic; a mysterious chypre accord accentuated with a hint of lavender.

Dressed in an ornate vessel that reveals the capital as seen from the sky, the pattern pays homage to the iconic city of light. A gradient of blueandgray, illuminated with touches of pink, symbolising the light of the setting sun reflecting on the Seine.

8Shanghai Scented Candle

The scent of the Shanghai candle is closely linked to a Chinese tradition: deliciously perfumed osmanthus flowers complemented with notes of green tea like a homage to the tea ceremony.

The glass comes in a symbolic color range: the deep red of Chinese lacquer is decorated with blue porcelain foliage. It is displayed in a box designed as an ode to the beauty and refinement of Huxinting, Shanghai’s oldest tea house.

9Tokyo Scented Candle

The aroma of the Tokyo candle revives the fond memory of a stroll along alleyways in the shade of Japanese cypress trees where a temple diffuses notes of soothing incense.

Inspired by the inimitable art of Japanese gardens, its decoration evokes the harmony and serenity of Tokyo’s Yoyogi Koen and Shinjuku Gyoen parks.

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