Chloé Atelier des Fleurs Launches 15 Scents in Sephora

Last year, the House of Chloé launched Atelier des Fleurs, a collection of twelve fragrances that are specially created by renowned perfumers, made with their favourite flower plant or the heart of an exclusive fragrance. Since its launch, Atelier des fleurs has exemplified Chloé’s pursuit of natural ingredients and authenticity through botanical names and plant-based ingredients.

And now, this premium fragrance collection of Maison Chloé, is landed at Sephora Fahrenheit88, and online at Sephora.My – with a total of fifteen scents, including three new scents, Narcissus Poeticus, Iris and Ylang Cananga, which are launched this year.

Formulated with 100% natural origin fragrance, naturally derived alcohol (denatured alcohol), and water, Narcissus Poeticus, Iris and Ylang Cananga are vegan Eaux de Parfum. Their compositions are truly remarkable considering the very limited palette available to the perfumer when exclusively restricted to all-natural origin ingredients. They contain no filters or artificial colourings, solely lavish materials selected with exquisite care.

Narcissus Poeticus
By Philippine Courtière

Fresh and slightly powdery, Narcissus Poeticus is a joyful memory of springtime delight.

By Steve Guo

Iris is a subtle and captivating Eau de Parfum with soft and memorable notes.

Ylang Cananga
By Serge de Oliveira

Ylang Cananga is a sensual Eau de Parfum with sensuous, smooth and sunny notes.

Same as the other twelve scents, these three new creations are presented in the pleated glass bottle emblematic of Atelier des fleurs. The only difference is the label, now in a verdigris inspired by the plant world. While the allure remains unchanged, the materials have evolved. The bottle and box are partially made with recycled materials (10% and 40% respectively). Moreover, Chloé has relinquished the hot foil stamping of its labels in favour of an eco-friendlier printing method.

Chloè Atelier des Fleurs comes in 2 sizes – 50ml Eau de Parfum for RM462 and 150ml Eau de Parfum for RM900.

Sephora Fahrenheit88 is the first and only Sephora store in Malaysia to carry Chloè Atelier des Fleurs (ADF). Visit Sephora Fahrenheit88 to get your hands on these fragrances and enjoy gifts with purchase (GWP)*:

  • Buy Chloè ADF 50ml and receive 3 GWP items (while stocks last)
  • Buy Chloè ADF 150ml and receive 4 GWP items (while stocks last)
  • From 29th July to 31st July, receive a bouquet of flowers with any purchase of Chloè ADF.

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