Embark on a Journey of Floral Dreams with Chloé Atelier des Fleurs

The House of Chloé unveils Atelier des Fleursa collection of twelve fragrances that are specially created by renowned perfumers, made with their favourite flower plant or the heart of an exclusive fragrance. These talented perfumers drew upon their olfactory memories to create these personal scents, each with a story of their own, to take you on a journey of floral dreams in the Chloé floral workshop!

The twelve fragrances, with names that express floral, aromatic or woody notes, can be worn alone or layered in combinations of two or three to create your very own signature scent!

Rosa Damascena by Amandine Clerc-Marie
A crisp scent inspired by the concoctions of rose petals & wrinkled leaves, leaving an impression of botanical purity & lightly spiced floral signature.

Lavanda by Quentin Bisch
A fragrance of Provencal lavender, meant to reminisce the cool shade of the house upon entering from the heat of the outdoors.

Magnolia Alba by Louise Turner
A captivating fragrance made of smooth, plump & slightly lemony notes of magnolia blossoms that recalls the promise of sunny days.

A fragrance of woody, balsam & smoky scent, which airs a tender & subtle elegance.

Hibiscus Abelmoschus by Domitille Michalon Bertier
With its sunny, slightly fruity scent and its soft petals, hibiscus is the queen of the Polynesian gardens which radiates a warm luminosity & with a opulent notes and musky, powdery lilts.

Herba Mimosa by Amandine Clerc-Marie
The Mimosa blossoms with powdery, woody, vegetal and luminous facets that lend fullness to the tender, powdery fragrance.

Neroli by Sidonie Lancesseur
The orange blossoms exuded smooth and deliciously refreshing scents warmed by the sun, that would take you on a true olfactory journey with lightly honeyed, comforting & addictive floral accents. 

Verbena by Mylène Alran
In an olfactory composition, this verbena highlights the bouquet with a delicate lemony freshness and a natural radiance.

Jasminum Sambac by Louise Turner
The delicate, velvety jasmine petals, as if beaded with dewdrops, bring soft and sunny to a bouquet. 

Vanilla Planifolia by Quentin Bisch
This multifaceted fragrance, with a slightly spicy petal notes that also exudes an enticing, fleshy floral accord that signify a tempting flower in a full bloom. 

Papyrus by Alexis Dadier
A fragrance of surprising, contrasting duality – inspired by an apparent contradiction between the refreshing scent of papyrus & its almost smoky, woody aroma.

 Tuberosa 1974 
This emblematic fragrance celebrates the “first flower” of Chloé in its most captivating form, as this new tuberose unfurls its velvety, creamy and slightly honeyed facets.

Available in two sizes for each fragrance – 50ml (RM428) and 150ml (RM900)Chloe Atelier des Fleurs will be available at Isetan KLCC from 26 March onwards.