With the constant busy and hectic work life, most of us are having insomnia problem or sleep deprivation. Little did you know, staying up in the middle of the night is very harmful to you. Do you know that skimping on beauty rest can actually ruin your hair? Read on to find out what to do about it.

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No matter you are women or man, you wouldn’t want to have hair loss problem. Although there are many factors that can contribute to hair loss problem, while most of it can be avoided. Lack of sleep is one of the factors that contribute to hair loss problem.

“Chronic lack of sleep will most likely cause hair loss. There isn’t a direct scientific correlation between hair loss and sleep, but there is an indirect connection due to the stress it puts on the body. Prolonged lack of sleep has a negative impact on the body. Symptoms can include a weakened immune system, abnormal hormone secretions and decreased physical and mental stamina. The hair is extremely sensitive to those kinds of issues and hair loss almost always follows,” said Gregg Rosenblum, hair loss prevention specialist.


If your sleep pattern is off, there are some ways to prevent hair loss too. This is because if you are healthy, your hair is more healthy too. Try to eat a balanced diet and eat more fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water while keeping yourself physically active is the key as well. On top of that, use quality haircare products such as a good hair shampoo, conditioner, mist and much more to protect your hair.

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