Whether you plan to buy a new accessory for yourself in this new year or a gift for someone special for this festive and celebration season, and if you have a little bit of budget, gold jewelry is always a good choice, and a good investment too.

Nowadays, jewelry is not only a symbol of wealth and class, it’s also a statement of fashion. Pamper.My has recently previewed the latest 2016 golden ‘Auspicious’ and  ‘Happy Love’ collections by Poh Kong, the leading jewelry brand in Malaysia. These collections are the perfect gift for any occasion to treat yourself or captivate your loved ones.

Auspicious Collection

The Auspicious Collection series featuring key elements that are synonymous to the year of Monkey in various meaningful, fashionable and innovative designs. The Auspicious Collection is presented in few different alluring series, such as Golden Delights, Abacus of Prosperity, Auspicious Monkey, Bountiful Gold & Jade, Prosperity Packet, Five Element Rings, Auspicious Number Pendants and other series.

Golden Delights series

The highlight of the ‘Golden Delights’ series is the highly exquisite Shining Riches, that features the blooming peony flower which represents good fortune and enhances the elegance of women. The Shining Riches comes with pendant, earrings, and ring as choices.

Golden Delights charm bracelet
Golden Delights charm bracelet

This series also offer intricate charms which are filled with auspicious connotations, such as the dainty Prosperity Cage that signifies guarded wealth, the Ingot Charm that invites fortune, the Prosperity Pineapple that brings good luck, and the Golden Tangerine for abundance of fortune. These charms can also be worn as pendants.

Abacus of Prosperity

The ‘Abacus of Prosperity’ series feature the abacus with six rows of beads, symbolises accumulation of wealth. The abacus is uniquely incorporated in the ring and apple shaped pendant.

Auspicious Monkey pendant
Auspicious Monkey pendant

Auspicious Monkey

The ‘Auspicious Monkey’ series is suitable for students or children and new born baby as a gift of blessing, in the coming Year of Monkey. It features the Rising Ambitions with little graduating monkey and the Abiding Harmony monkey where both are worn as pendants.

Happy Love Collection

‘Happy Love’ collections are carefully crafted by the excellent craftsmanship, based on traditional oriental weddings infused with modern elegance, and are adorned with intricacy in detail. The collection would be a perfect gift for your loved one or prestige wedding gifts for your favorite couple.

Perpetual Lovers

The ‘Perpetual Lovers’ is a collection that features dragon and phoenix, symbolizing happiness and wealth. One of the highlights of the collection is the circular pendant that depicts contentment features a pair of dragon and phoenix dancing gracefully around the center “Double Happiness” motif, signifying bliss, with the meaning of bringing the couple a blessed and abiding marriage.

The phoenix series include necklace, earrings, and bangle, are the ideal gift for the bride which comes with the parents’ infinite blessings, in hopes of their daughter marrying well and the daughter-in-law bringing prosperity to the family.

Eternal Blossoms

The ‘Eternal Blossoms’ collection comes in stylish bangles, rings, pendants, and earrings with the element of lily and the heart shape. It carries the blessings of love for the couple, bringing them a healthy relationship and mutual understanding.

Auspicious Roses

The ‘Auspicious Roses’ collection features the design of a rose with each petal engraved with the word “Happiness” in its each piece of design, which is suitable to be worn for wedding occasion.

Rings of Destiny
Rings of Destiny

Rings of Destiny 

The ‘Rings of Destiny’ collection consists of a pair of couple rings that signify eternal love, with nine “Happiness” carved around the ring, symbolising everlasting love.

Endless Happiness

The “Endless Happiness” series features the “Double Happiness” motif, where 99 of them were exquisitely put together forming a necklace, with matching rings and earrings.

Double Happiness couple pendants
Double Happiness couple pendants

Another highlight is the couple pendants that feature the same motif, displaying “Double Happiness” when the two pendants come together.

Happy Love Charm Collection

Happy Love Charm bracelet
Happy Love Charm bracelet

The ‘Happy Love Charm’ collection features the wedding charm series which is made from 22k gold. It features many beautiful charm motifs such as rice bucket, mirror, comb, oil lamp, couple shoes, scissors, umbrella, ruler, champagne, champagne glass, Ruyi knot, car, house and many more, signifying marriage and the blessings that come with it.

Both the Auspicious and Happy Love Collections are available at all Poh Kong outlets nationwide from this December.