To be honest, how many of us actually can’t stop ourselves from munching on snacks even just right after a meal? No matter is the early morning after breakfast or late night after dinner, we just can’t resist ourselves from eating some snacks. Here are five surprising reasons why you can’t stop munching!

  1. Watching TV

How often do you watch television or watching a movie through the tablet? Research have shown that if you are watching death and violence movie and tv show can make you feel peckish in which it will make us think about our mortality. To help yourself from munching food while watching a movie, try to look in a mirror before you grab the snacks, it will reduce the desire to overeat.

2. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Do you know what is the hormone that switches off hunger? The hormone is called leptin. While MSG can be found in many processed foods or fast foods, it will help your body to resist the signal from leptin. If possible, try to opt for healthier food where it doesn’t contain MSG or cook a meal by your own.

3. Fish Oil Supplements


Many of us consume fish oil supplements in our daily life as it is great for our skin and heart. Little did you know, fish oil supplements can increase your appetite for some of the people. To avoid this problem, try to take fish oils with meals or 30 minutes before a meal. Alternatively, adding more fiber to your meals might help to stop the problem too.

4. Workout

If you are a person who workout quite often, you might feel that exercise can suppress appetite. While for some of the people, it works in the opposite way. You may feel hungry after a cardio workout, possibly this is because your body is breaking down glucose to fuel this workout. Thus, eat some light food before hit the gym room will help to avoid this problem.

5. Lose Weight

Losing weight is the happiest thing for most of us. However, losing weight can trigger an increase in the hormone called ghrelin which it can trigger eating. To stop this problem, don’t leave your stomach empty is ghrelin is secreted when the stomach is empty. If you don’t feel like eating something heavy, try to consume fiber and protein rich food to keep you feel full.

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