Mention Eve Lom and the first product you’ll think of is the cult-favourite and multi-award winning Cleanser that’s famed as the Original Balm Cleanser that deep cleanses without drying or stripping the skin, removes even the most stubborn of waterproof makeup while toning and exfoliating (with the muslin cloth) your skin!

Eve Lom Cleanser
With the muslin cloth, it’s unstoppable!

But if you’re a tad bit lazier to use a muslin cloth for your cleansing routine, then the Gel Balm Cleanser from Eve Lom is the better fit.

Gel Balm Cleanser (RM259, 100ml)

Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser


Now you can get the same ultimate cleanse without the help of the muslin cloth with this gel to milky balm hybrid formula that’s clinically proven to moisturize your skin for up to 12 hours after use, leaving it clean and soft. Thanks to its iconic signature blend of Clove, Eucalyptus, Hops AND Chamomile Oil which are proven to dissolve impurities and all traces of makeup, including waterproof mascara.

It also has active ingredients such as these to keep your skin balanced and healthy:

  • Shea Butter- Seals in moisture for long-lasting hydration
  • Grape Seed Oil- Moisturizes and quickly absorbs
  • Plant Derived Lecithin- Contains fatty acids to condition the skin and support the skin’s barrier function
  • Unique Enzyme Blend- Gently and effectively dissolves makeup and impurities without stripping skins moisture
  • Botanical Spent Grain Wax, Argan & Olive Oil- Instantly soothes and nourishes the complexion for flawless skin

And it’s easy to use, just pump once or twice into the palm of your hand. Massage gently into wet skin and rinse well with lukewarm water.

When your skin’s feeling and looking more congested than usual even after cleansing, you can follow up with the Rescue Mask.

Rescue Mask (RM189, 50ml)

Eve Lom Rescue Mask

Infused with camphor, almond, and honey-infused kaolin clay, this award-winning mask works as a complexion booster that deep cleans your skin by gently decongesting pores and removing excess sebum without drying out your skin. Great for all skin types, it also soothes, calms redness, and irritation on your skin.

The Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser (RM245, 100ml) and Rescue Mask (RM189, 50ml & RM285, 100ml) is available at KENS Apothecary Bangsar Shopping Centre, KENS Apothecary Bangsar Village II, One Utama, KLCC & The Gardens. Online at

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