Understanding the need for tightening the skin with elastic and glowing effect in anti-aging products, LANEIGE makes a comeback in its existing anti-aging line, Time Freeze with two new additions to the family, LANEIGE Time Freeze Skin Refiner and Time Freeze Emulsion.


Formulated with musk mallow water, LANEIGE’s NEW Time Freeze Skin Refiner and Emulsioncontributes to an improved LANEIGE Time Freeze line with its strong anti-aging property. Targeted to provide a moisturizing and elastic effect to the skin, the Time Freeze Skin Refiner and Emulsion aims to strengthen anti-aging features by promoting invincible elasticity with a strong 3-step anti-aging care:

  • inhibit decomposition of elastin layer,
  • promote collagen, and
  • filling of the elastin layer.

LANEIGE Time Freeze Skin Refiner

TF Skin Refiner (Regular)LANEIGE Time Freeze Skin Refiner (120ml) contains lecithin which acts as a transporting agent in the skin to help deliver elastic particles into the skin effectively. From there, lecithinalso helps prevent water on the skin barrier from evaporating, leading to a more sustainable water level of the skin to maintain skin hydration. On top of that, the lecithin is able to highly moisturize the skin with the convergence of the emulsifying system and High Pressure (HP) technology, generating stabilized microparticles of active substances with high pressure.

LANEIGE Time Freeze Emulsion

TF Emulsion (Regular)LANEIGE Time Freeze Emulsion (100ml) helps in balancing oil and water content to cultivate glowing and elastic skin through the elastic substances. The emulsion’s tight and dense texture enables product adherence to the skin, creating a nutritious skin where users are able to feel the difference after application.

LANEIGE time freeze skincare routineLANEIGE Time Freeze line now has a total of 6 items, besides the new Time Freeze Skin Refiner and Time Freeze Emulsion, the line also consists of Time Freeze Essence EX (RM264), Time Freeze Intensive Cream EX (RM264), Time Freeze Eye Serum (RM188) and Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask (RM141) which can be paired with the Face-fit Roller (RM183).

LANEIGE time freeze line-full

The LANEIGE’s NEW Time Freeze Skin Refiner and Time Freeze Emulsion will be available at all LANEIGE beauty counters and boutiques in Malaysia starting January 2019, while the other products of the LANEIGE Time Freeze Line are readily available in all LANEIGE beauty counters and boutiques in Malaysia.

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