The Guerlain Christmas 2017 Makeup Collection takes inspiration from Ernest Hemingway’s book A Moveable Feast (Paris est une fête), as it celebrates the festive spirit embodied by the American Bohemians who settled in Paris during the artistic whirlwind of the twenties. With magical gold-tinged makeup that’ll dazzle you this holiday season.

The collection is now available at Guerlain counters nationwide but you better nab these golden beauties fast before it’s sold out!

The Guerlain Christmas 2017 Makeup Collection Takes You Back To The Festive Spirit Of The American Bohemians Of The 20'

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Explore the Guerlain Christmas 2017 Makeup Collection!

Rouge G In 822 Glamorous Cherry

Just like fine jewellery, Guerlain’s star lipstick, the Rouge G reveals a mirror as you open the lipstick and this season, there are two new exclusive shades. This shade is said to be suitable for brunettes whereas if you’re a blonde, swipe left to see the perfect shade for you this holiday! It’s also ultra-pigmented, creamy and plumping, with Hyaluronic acid spheres to fill your lips and Mango butter to soften your lips.

Rouge G In 823 Flaming Red

For blond-haired beauties, dress your lips with this shimmery cool-toned red shade and enjoy the sweet, enveloping scent of a vanilla “floriental” which is the incomparable mark of the Rouge G de Guerlain.

Météorites Gold Light

This luxurious golden case holds the delicate Météorites pearls coming in for the first time ever, in golden colours such as white, yellow, pink, and champagne that warms up and illuminates your complexion like a halo of light. The gold pearls help to fight dullness while the champagne and white pearls reflect the light. Made with the same formula that the Météorites are famous for:

  • Stardust technology, diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres, to create soft-focus perfecting halo.
  • Light-correcting nacres: harmoniously blend together to create a pure and correcting light for perfectly tailored luminosity.
  • Extra-soft powder: contributes to smooth the complexion and create a unique feeling of softness.

Terracotta Gold Light

The super popular Guerlain Terracotta powder gets a limited edition reboot this holiday with the Terracotta Gold Light, that gives you that sunkissed glowy look thanks to the precious hints of gold and incredibly fine mother-of-pearl contained in the formula.

Gold Palette

This is the first complete palette from Guerlain where you have shades to adorn your eyes, brows and cheeks. It has a Wet & Dry texture too so you can wet the brush for a more intense colour payoff or build it up easily to go from day to night. The stand out shade? The golden shade located third from the top left that contains precious reflects to amp up your look.

Gold Light Topcoat


This one of a kind topcoat lets you dress your lashes, eyebrows and hair with precious hints of gold for that added sparkle. Try applying it to the tips of your lashes or the corner of your eyes.