shoes-107400_1280Finding a pair of right shoes for your feet is very important as wearing the wrong shoes can cause a multitude of injuries including foot, back and neck pain. Before you head to the shoes store, follow the following helpful steps from the foot-care specialist, MyORTHO™ on how to pick the right shoes for your feet to prevent foot problems.
Step 1 : Identify activity or occasion
shoes-619526_1920Identify the activity or occasion you will be engaged in while wearing your shoes. Obviously, you will not want cowboy boots on if you are headed to the beach, but on the other hand, flip-flops are not appropriate in a pasture full of cattle.
Step 2: Choose shoes with good support
shoes-587648_1280Look for shoes that offer sufficient arch support. Our feet carry a load with each step we take, day in and day out, and the arch of the foot is a mechanical marvel that acts as both a shock absorber and balancing mechanism, and being sure to keep it supported will help maintain its health.
Step 3: Measure your feet correctly
shoe-489326_1280Have your feet properly measured for shoes to fit correctly. This means looking at the length and width, and here, there is no substitute for the help of an experienced shoe salesman. Not all feet are created equal, and many people find that their feet are not symmetrical, which may even mean buying a different sized shoe for each foot.
Step 4: Avoid high heel shoes
fashion-957158_1280Consider the heel height of your shoe carefully. Heels of women’s shoes are often raised in the thought that the lift will make them look more graceful, or thinner, but if this is accomplished at the expense of comfort, or even the health of her feet, it may not be a wise choice.
shoes-877939_1280Step 5: Try on the shoes before purchase & walk around in them
Choose the style and type of shoe you are interested in, and try them on in the store. Put both shoes on, lace them up, and stand in them for a few moments. Wiggle your toes to make sure they have sufficient space to keep them from being cramped. Walk around a little bit to get a feel for the balance. Look at them critically to see if they are right for you.