[Movie Contest]
Win 2x Premiere Screening Passes for
“OUR TIMES 我的少女時代” on 20 October 2015, 9.15pm at GSC Paradigm Mall

Our times poster“OUR TIMES 我的少女時代”, a box-office comedy-romance movie starring by up and coming idols Vivian Sung-宋芸樺, Wang Ta Lu- 王大陸, Dino Lee- 李玉璽, Dewi-簡廷芮 etc.
How to Participate:
Tell us one of the lead actors or actresses of “OUR TIMES 我的少女時代” and email your answer together with your full name, NRIC/Passport No and mobile number to pamper.malaysia@gmail.com no later than 12.00pm on 20 October 2015.
Two (2) “OUR TIMES 我的少女時代” premiere screening passes (total 20 passes to be won)
Premiere Screening Details:
Date: Tuesday, 20 October 2015
Time: 9.15pm
Venue: GSC Paradigm Mall
Contest ends on Tuesday, 20 October 2015, 12.00pm (first come first served)
Terms & Conditions:
– Please ensure that your shared post is set as ‘Public’ in your privacy setting so that Pamper.My will be able to see it.
– You must complete each step for your entry to be eligible for the contest.
– All entries must be received by 12.00pm, 20 October 2015. First come first served.
– Winner will be notified via phone or sms or email.
– Pamper.My reserves its right to change, amend, add or delete any of the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.