The Mixologists of “The Liquid Lab by W Taipei” are working their magic to create cocktails with liqueurs and bitters to bring the discerning guests “big flavors, little hangover” at the top floor YEN Bar from now.  The Mixologists are re-discovering the amazing products such as Jagermiester, Campari, dark cacao liqueur, southern comfort, angostura orange bitter and more, citing their lower strength but their deep and complex flavors.

The cocktail “Blossom Fragrance” is made with homemade Chamomile infused tanqueray gin, southern comfort, chamomile tea, lime juice and honey. Southern comfort, whiskey-flavored liqueur, plays the magic here and gives forth the apricot fruity flavors to the drink that matches its name.

YEN Bar-Blossom Fragrance

Forget about the having coffee out of mug, since YEN Bar is serving the latest “Goring Schnaps Iced Coffee” form a wine glass with Jagermiester, campari, dark cacao liqueur, expresso, egg white and cream – stronger and darker!

YEN Bar-Goring Schnaps Iced Coffee

On the contrary, like a sarcastic lady in her passionate red color dress, “Gordon Rogue Romance” made with Campari, angostura orange bitter, grand marnier and grapefruit juice tastes richly rewarding with her unique bittersweet taste.

YEN Bar-Gordon Rogue Romance

Do not be fooled by the light pink color cocktail “Bitter Harmonious,” it may appear less provocative in color than the previous cocktail, with the mixture of the ingredients of Belvedere pomarancza vodka, st. germain elderflower liqueur, d.o.m, campari, grapefruit juice, lime juice, elderflower syrup, tonic water can be as strong as the cocktail Around the World.

YEN Bar -Bitter Harmonious

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