Oversea Restaurant Unveils its Exquisite Mooncake Collection: A Symphony of Flavours for the Mid-Autumn Festival

Oversea Restaurant, a well-known brand in Malaysia, has launched its new mooncake collection for the Mid-Autumn Festival. This year’s collection features a variety of classic and contemporary flavours, including the new lotus with four yolk mooncake.

The lotus with four yolk mooncake is the jewel of this year’s collection. It is a symphony of flavours, with a rich and creamy lotus filling that is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the egg yolks. The sesame seeds add a subtle crunch, and the golden-brown crust is perfectly flaky.

In addition to the lotus with four yolk mooncake, Oversea also has a wide variety of other classic and contemporary mooncakes available. Their assorted fruits and nuts mooncake is a popular choice for those who want a more traditional flavour, while their white lotus with double yolk mooncake is a perfect option for those who love lotus.

Oversea Aurora Snowy Mooncake Set & Snowy Musang King Durian Moon Cake Set

Oversea also has a number of innovative mooncakes, such as their Oversea Lava Mooncake series and Oversea Snowy Mooncakes.

The Moonlight Swirl

Embracing the significance of family reunions, “The Moonlight Swirl” by Oversea is back for the season. It is the perfect dish to enjoy during the Mid-Autumn Festival with your loved ones.

No matter what your taste, Oversea has a mooncake that is perfect for you. Their mooncakes are sure to impress your friends and family, and they make the perfect gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival. They are now available for purchase at all Oversea Restaurants, selected shopping malls, and on their website at www.overseamy.com.

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