Jom Cari Makan! With Shopee | Discounts up to 50% off & Cashback

Shopee is bringing mouth-watering deals from over 140 F&B merchants with more than 400 outlets across Malaysia under its Jom Cari Makan! campaign, which is taking place from 8 June to 14 June 2020 where Malaysians can search for Makan & Minum deals up to 50% off daily, and receive 50% off coins cashback daily.

With so many to choose from, Shopee has split the week into different food categories:

  • Monday, 8 June – Bubble Tea;
  • Tuesday, 9 June – Breakfast;
  • Wednesday, 10 June – Lunch Faves;
  • Thursday, 11 June – Fast Food;
  • Friday, 12 June – Drinks;
  • Saturday & Sunday, 13 and 14 June – Mega Food and Drinks Favourites are where you can find even bigger deals from popular F&B names.

To get you started, here are some crazy, attractive deals offering big savings and a wholesome burp upon redemption.

Boba Craze: 

  • Black Whale Brown Sugar Milk Tea (L) – RM6.45 [RRP: RM12.90]
  • Black Whale Fiery Brown Sugar Black Whale Milk (M) – RM7.88 [RRP: RM12.90]
  • Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl Milk – RM8.88 [RRP: RM13.70]
  • Tiger Sugar Brown Sugar Boba + Pearl Milk with Cream Mousse – RM8.88 [RRP: RM13.70]

Sakae Sushi: 

  • Sakae Sushi Curry Katsu Jyu – RM13.00 [RRP: RM26.00]
  • Sakae Sushi Chicken Teriyaki Jyu- RM12.00 [RRP:RM24.00]
  • Sakae Sushi Mori Ten Jyu – RM13.00 [RRP:RM26.00]

Domino’s Pizza:

  • Domino’s Regular Pizza – RM9.90 [RRP: RM31.90]
  • Domino’s Large Pizza – RM19.90 [RRP: RM42.90]
  • Domino’s Extra large Pizza – RM29.90 [RRP: RM52.90]

Awa Noodle Bar:

  • Awa Noodle Bar 阿瓦豚骨捞面Tonkotsu Dry Noodle – RM6.90 [RRP:RM18.90]
  • Awa Noodle Bar 阿瓦麻辣汤米线Signature Spicy Noodle Soup – RM6.90 [RRP:RM21.90]
  • Awa Noodle Bar 阿瓦番茄汤米线Double Boiled Tomato Noodle Soup – RM6.90 [RRP:RM20.90]

Salad Atelier:

  • Salad Atelier 30% OFF Total Bill – RM0.99 [RRM: RM5.00]
  • Salad Atelier RM50 Cash Voucher – RM35.00 [RRM: RM50.00]
  • Salad Atelier RM100 Cash Voucher – RM50.00 [RRM: RM100.00]

Hoshino Coffee:

  • One (1) Pescatora Seafood + Pot-baked Souffle + Coffee/Tea – RM29.98 [RRP: RM62.40]
  • One (1) French Toast + Pot-baked Souffle + Two (2) Coffee/Tea – RM29.98 [RRP: RM67.80]

San Francisco Coffee:

  • San Francisco Coffee Large Hot Latte (16oz.) – RM6.50 [RRP: RM13.00]
  • San Francisco Coffee Large Ultimate Latte (20oz.) – RM9.25 [RRM: RM18.50]
  • San Francisco Coffee Large Ultimate Mocha (20oz.) – RM9.25 [RRM: RM18.50]

OLDTOWN White Coffee:

  • OLDTOWN Kaya Butter Toast (Single) – RM0.15 [RRM: RM3.06]
  • OLDTOWN Crunchy Sugar Hainan Toast+White Coffee-Gao (Cold/Hot) – RM3.30 [RRP: RM10.10]

Baskin Robbins:

  • Baskin Robbins Handpacked Ice Cream – 1 x Pint – RM25.13 [RRP: RM33.50]
  • Baskin Robbins Handpacked Ice Cream – 1 x Quart – RM44.63 [RRP: RM59.50]

Set your reminders now and be the first to grab these deals on Shopee at To complete the Shopee experience, there will be exciting Shopee Games for you to play and win up to 1.2 million worth of Shopee Coins that you can use to offset your purchases.

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