Join “Cook with M&S” Workshops by Marks & Spencer and TCH Foodworks to Master the Simple Art of Home Cooking

Leading British retailer Marks & Spencer has teamed up with local boutique culinary studio TCH Foodworks to introduce a series of cooking workshops to help the food lover community to master the simple art of home cooking. Titled “Cook with M&S”, the workshops aim to inspire more creativity and recipe ideas for every moment, from quick bites to big bakes, or even something to shake up your midweek meal.

Each workshop will feature two (2) recipes developed by Chef Collin Edward of TCH Foodworks and his team. The recipes curated allow you to experiment with recipes using the newly expanded “Cook with M&S” range of ingredients ranging from sauces, seasonings to pastes and more.

“We had great fun testing out the ‘Cook with M&S’ range and cooking up the delicious recipes which we hope the community can come together to learn to cook and whip up a meal in no time at home for their family and friends,” quote Collin Edward Lim, Chef and Founding Partner of TCH Foodworks.”

Cook with M&S X TCH Foodworks Cooking Workshop

With more and more Malaysians now looking to prepare delicious and exciting meals at home, M&S has launched the new Cook With M&S ingredients range and cooking workshops to help families make dinnertimes easier than ever. Made with authentic ingredients from a wide range of world cuisines, these versatile jars do all the hard work when it comes to making meals from scratch. This means families can explore delicious dishes from around the globe in just a matter of minutes, with new flavours to discover every night of the week.

Cook with M&S ingredients that were used during the cooking workshop.
Enjoy the fun of cooking at the Cook with M&S X TCH Foodworks cooking workshop

Bring a dash of Mediterranean sunshine to dips, pizzas and pasta dishes with tangy Cook With M&S Roasted Red Pepper Paste, or recreate the flavours of North African souks with citrusy Cook With M&S Preserved Lemon Paste. Add a pop of Middle Eastern spice to roasted meat or vegetables with Cook With M&S Za’atar, or give a burst of warmth to sweet and savoury dishes with Indian-inspired Cook With M&S Turmeric & Ginger Root Paste. New aromatic Cook With M&S Lemongrass & Ginger Paste offers a simple way to give dishes a zingy Southeast-Asian edge, and no barbecue would be complete without the savoury umami flavours of Cook With M&S Korean BBQ Paste.

The “Cook with M&S” Workshops will be available to the public every Saturday in October, starting from the 10th of October 2020 to the 31st of October 2020. Each workshop is priced at RM 88. Members of TCH Foodworks will be entitled for a special sign up price at RM78. Each workshop participant will receive a RM100 worth of M&S goodie bag and fresh ingredients required for the workshop.

To sign up for the workshop, visit Interested participants can visit M&S Malaysia Facebook page or M&S Instagram page for more information.

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