Buka Puasa With Your Favourite Foods & Save Up To 50% With ShopeeFood

ShopeeFood makes it easier to buka puasa (and save!) with your favourite foods this Ramadan. Here’s how…

The Shopee app isn’t just for clothes, makeup and skincare shopping anymore.

It’s also the place to get sweet deals and savings on FOOD.

Not groceries, mind you… but food food.

If you haven’t checked out ShopeeFood on the app yet, you might want to.

ShopeeFood will introduce convenience to your buka puasa with free delivery along with a variety of good food and sweet deals from places like…

  • Salad Atelier 
  • Little KL Food Hall 
  • Nasi Lemak Tok Wan 
  • Myeongdong Topokki 
  • Nyonya Colors 
  • Tealive 
  • A&W 
  • Da Mang Ren 
  • Med Mex

Now if you’re anything like us, we like to make the most out of a good deal.

We learned that you can stack deals on ShopeeFood to shave off more on the total bill. Some of these deals will even help you save up to 50%.

Read on to learn how you can maximise ShopeeFood’s offers and discounts when you buka puasa 🍽️

1) Make Use Of Free Delivery

If you live in Klang Valley, ShopeeFood will deliver to you for FREE with no minimum spend required!

Free delivery might not sound like a big deal but if you’re ordering almost every other day during Ramadan, delivery fees will add up.

Every week, ShopeeFood gives you 10 “Free Delivery” vouchers which you can use as long as you are located within a 3KM – 6KM radius from a ShopeeFood F&B outlet.

Since no minimum spend is required, it’s possible to order just one cup of Tealive if you wanted to.

But since it’s Ramadan, why would you want to order just a beverage? A Korean meal from Myeongdong Topokki sounds like it’ll hit the spot more 😏

2) Combine Vouchers For MORE SAVINGS

We have done the math for you…

Food Voucher + Free Delivery Voucher = 💲💲 MORE SAVINGS 💲💲

So, ShopeeFood has free delivery vouchers you can claim daily.

But did you know… you can also combine these vouchers with ShopeeFood food deals for more savings?

It’s pretty straightforward.

Let’s say you’re craving some A&W… a coney dog, some RB, and waffles maybe.

All you need to do is claim an A&W voucher from ShopeeFood, use it when you order and have it delivered to you FREE with the “Free Delivery” voucher.


Be spoiled for choice as well by the number of participating F&B outlets to get deals from.

So far, we’ve noticed McDonald’s, Tealive, Gigi Coffee, KFC, Starbucks, 4Fingers and Pizza Hut on their list… yum yum 😋

3) Make It A “SUPER Deal” With 50% Off

Here’s where the super-sized savings are at…

With ShopeeFood’s Super Deals, you can get discounts up to 50% off all day long.

These super deals can be used for different types of food and beverages so even if you’re craving Malaysian, Asian, Western cuisines or even, fast food, you can get up to 50% off with your order.

These deals are also available for tea time staples like snacks, desserts, bubble tea, coffee, and tea.

What about dinner, you ask? To that we say, selamat berbuka puasa!

4) Purchase A Savings Pass

For only RM0.01 — that’s 1 sen! — you will receive an e-stack of 50 vouchers worth RM219 😲

This is our favourite ShopeeFood perk btw. Why? Because it’s literally a month’s worth of savings on delivery plus food. Quite a deal, we must say!

For only 1 sen, here’s what you’ll get…

  • 22x “Free Delivery” vouchers
  • 15x Merchants Food Discount Vouchers
  • 10x “Super Deal” vouchers
  • 3x Food Discount vouchers

Your vouchers will show up in your “My Vouchers” after purchasing the pass which you can then use when you checkout on the app .

But do take note, you can ONLY use these vouchers when you checkout with ShopeePay — Shopee’s e-wallet that allows you to pay for stuff without using a bank card or cash.

So if you want more savings…

5) Pay With ShopeePay For More Perks

We don’t know if you’re using ShopeePay yet but you might want to soon.

Aside from making payment a seamless experience (it’s literally tap-n-buy), paying with ShopeePay gives you access to exclusive deals to take advantage of.

The “Savings Pass” above is an example of a ShopeePay-exclusive voucher. But there’s more benefits to gain from paying with ShopeePay you which you can use at various F&B outlets whether online or offline.

You can also enjoy better savings on Shopee Supermarket groceries or beauty refills when you pay with ShoppePay.

Best of all, you also get more savings during the big monthly sales. Like the 10.10 sale, 11.11 sale, and 12.12 sale.

ShopeePay can also be used for offline transactions anywhere as long as you spot the DuitNow QR code.

It’s GREAT to pay with ShopeePay! 😎

– – – –

And that’s it — our guide to saving with ShopeeFood!

Fasting can be challenging (and tiring) but ShopeeFood makes it much easier to buka puasa this month.

With ShopeeFood, you can enjoy a buka puasa dinner with your favourite foods delivered to your doorstep — thanks to free delivery, food vouchers and ShopeePay!

And don’t worry, your Abang ShopeeFood is taken care of too…

This Ramadan, ShopeeFood is giving out buka puasa packs to their Abang ShopeeFood riders through #ShopeeDeliversLove so they too can buka puasa on time whilst on the job.

Good job, ShopeeFood! 🤗

🌙⭐ Selamat Berpuasa⭐🌙

And happy feasting with ShopeeFood!

Start your first order with ShopeeFoood here

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