Greenery cafe is the new trend in Klang Valley, some also said green is the new black. As most of the greenery cafe is very Instagrammable and chillax, it has become a favourite place for cafe enthusiasts. Here are 5 cafes with greenery galore that you need to visit!

  1. Botanica+Co 

We bet you heard of this cafe before as it was once so famous while it first started its business. The environment settings just too comfortable for us to visit on a weekend while it is very Instagrammable too. If you are here with your girlfriends, do order a few dishes to try it out!

2. Chocha Foodstore

If you never been to Chocha Foodstore, you need to visit it someday! There is a lovely courtyard in the centrepiece of Chocha which makes the most Instagrammale shoot of the pretty and greenery. Spend your weekend at this greenery cafe is another great idea too.

3. Merchant’s Lane

Located in the heart of Petaling street, you may have some problem while finding this cafe. However, it is all worthwhile finding as this venue is blessed with the kind of old-world charm while furnish with the greenery details to enhance the overall look. Merchant Lane is definitely like an irresistible magnet for cafe enthusiasts for many weekends to come.

4. Three Little Birds Coffee

Most of us called Three Little Birds as a hidden gem in Sentul as it is located in a secluded little area in Sentul surrounded by greenery. Three little birds combine nature and coffee as you can enjoy some good view in here. Just order a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful view!

5. Neighbour’s Coffee Bar

Neighbour’s Coffee Bar is newly relocated to Happy Garden, Kuala Lumpur. With the clean and simple environment with some plants, it is a good spot for those who like to take pictures with a good natural lighting. In addition, you must try the Fuwa Fuwa pancake as it looks so fluffy and appetising.

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