Travel around the world is one of the dreams that we are working hard to fulfil. Be it travel in Malaysia or travel around the world, we should all travel with our eyes and experience the different culture and things around the world. Here are 5 places that are amazingly beautiful, make it into your travel bucket list:

  1. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre, in other words, means Five Lands which comprise the five small coastal villages. It is one of the most romantic places that you must go once in your lifetime. Take note that it is impossible to do it justice in a day trip. Thus, book a hotel there and enjoy your day there with a glass of wine in hand while resting your weary legs on a clifftop high above.

2. New South Wales, Australia

New South Wales is the must go place if you like coastal cities and national parks. You can visit Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and many more places. Another highlights of new South Wales would be Auburn Botanical Gardens where you can see beautiful Japanese Gardens in Australia. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see cherry blossoms in bloom!

3. Kandersteg, Switzerland

If you like a spectacular view, Kandersteg Resort Village is noted for its mountain scenery and sylvan alpine landscapes. You can enjoy some outdoor activities year-round, such as hiking trails, mountain climbing as well as downhill and cross-country skiing.

4. Cappadocia, Turkey

Are you a fan of the hot-air balloon? Cappadocia is popular for its unique geological, historic and cultural features. Enjoy some hot-air balloon view in Cappadocia while visiting the historic mansions and cave houses in Urgup and Goreme.

5. South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand is popular for its peaceful country. It has been ranked the 2nd most peaceful country in the world. Apart from the North Island, you can choose to visit South Island for their beautiful lake and mountains. Besides that, if you are lucky enough, you can watch aurora in Moke Lake.

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