This August, TUMI, the travel accessory brand, turns packing into an art form with the latest iteration of its successful Asia Global Citizens campaign. Themed around “Perfecting the Pack”, TUMI blends personality, travel and rituals to tell the story of how packing can extend beyond a simple routine.

The Asia Global Citizens campaign brings together six avid travellers include Bryan Loo, Business Entrepreneur from Malaysia, Farah Quinn, Chef and TV Personality from Indonesia, Dr. Georgia Lee, Medical Doctor and Founder of DrGL from Singapore, NaYoon Koo, Gallerist from Korea, Kay Wong, Fashion Designer from Hong Kong, and Wei Lai, Renowned Photographer from China, and invite them on a journey to discover their unique packing personality, so that they can perfect the pack.

Whether for work or for leisure, the campaign delves into each Global Citizen’s personal travel journeys and reveals the different routines they perform as they pack for their trips. Through intimate moments that follow each Global Citizen’s travel packing and preparations, six unique personalities unfold: the spontaneous packer, the well-prepared packer, the compartmentalized packer, the precise packer, the colorful packer, and the curated packer.


TUMI fans are welcomed to find out more about its Asia Global Citizens campaign by visiting the campaign’s exhibitions in select retail malls and TUMI stores across Asia.

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