Pastel colour has become one of our favourite colour in the recent years. Apart from the fashion accessories, foods and drinks, and home decorations, you can even choose pastel destinations on your next travel! These 5 destinations are so beautiful that the pastel lovers need to mark it down to visit it at least once in their life time. Here’s are the top 5 destinations for pastel lovers,

  1. Santorini, Greece

With its white colour sugar cube houses, multiple coloured volcanic cliffs, and the red and white lava pebbled beaches, Santorini is undeniably the dreamiest place of the Greek islands. When you visit Santorini in the future, do remember to stay at Pink Cave House to make sure you are visible from every point of the village.

2. Alicante, Spain

Who doesn’t know La Muralla Roja in Spain? It is one of the world’s most famous pastel buildings located in Calpe. When you translate La Muralla Roja from Spain it means as ‘the red wall’ in Spanish. With the dusty shades of blue, purple, pink and red, make sure you climb to the rooftop for an unspoilt view of the sky and sea.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

As we searched on Google, this place is the 10-minute walk from the centre of Cape Town and is well worth the visit. It is situated on the slope of Signal Hill, directly above the city centre. With the winding 18th century cobblestoned streets and vibrant one and two-storey houses, you will get to see the colourful houses along the street.

4. Curacao, Caribbean

With over 750 pastel-coloured buildings in the Dutch-Caribbean island of Curacao, you need to pay a visit to the historic and inner-city area of Willemstad or drive along the coast and stopping off at the beaches for the best soft-hued photo opportunity.

5. Mexico City, Mexico

Located on the outskirts of the city in Los Clubes, the seven-acre Palazzo is a masterpiece of geometry, light and design by prize-winning architect Luis Barragan. The next time you planning to visit here, remember to wear nicely to take your OOTD shoot as Cuadra San Cristobal has served as the backdrop for numerous fashion shoots and movies.

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