Meet Resorts World Genting’s New CEOs – The Ultimate Kid Experts!

In a world where adults typically hold the reins when it comes to planning family vacations, Resorts World Genting decided to flip the script. Why not let the experts themselves, the kids, guide the way? So, introducing Resorts World Genting’s new CEOs (Chief Experience Officers), and these aren’t your average executives in suits!

The new CEOs are a diverse bunch, which composed of 4-year-old Eva of @MissPopSasa, StrongBoy of @BapaBros, and the dynamic sibling duo Ellen, 8, and Ehsan, 5, of @norreen143. These pint-sized powerhouses are here to revolutionise your family holiday experience. Their mission? To ensure that Resorts World Genting is Malaysia’s premier integrated resort and a kid-friendly haven, all certified by kids themselves, for kids!

From thrill-seeking escapades at Genting SkyWorlds to exploring the great outdoors at Resorts World Awana, these CEOs are taking the reins in showcasing the magic of Resorts World Genting from a child’s perspective.

But that’s not all; Eva, one of the CEOs, has even launched her own LinkedIn profile to offer an insider’s view of her role as a Chief Experience Officer – a cheeky move to convince more parents that Resorts World Genting is the place to eat, play, shop, and dine.

And it’s not just these CEOs who get to have all the fun. Resorts World Genting is hosting a social photo contest to enlist more budding CEOs to join the ranks. To participate, follow Resorts World Genting on Instagram or TikTok, snap a pic of your kids at the pop-up CEO offices or dressed in office attire, tag two friends, and use the hashtags #RWGCEO and #RWGCEOSearch. The grand prize? A fantastic holiday package at Resorts World Awana!

Kids visiting Resorts World Genting can also embark on the CEO passport challenge, collecting stamps at different locations with instant gift redemptions, including the grand prize of a birthday celebration at Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park.

Check out or RWG’s official social media channels for more details and locations of the pop-up CEO offices.

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