#UnboxingWithPamper: Honor 8 Pro

For our second #UnboxingWithPamper, we’re exploring the super smartphone, the honor 8 Pro. Said to provide a powerful performance despite its stylish minimalist design that comes with cutting-edge processing power, long-lasting battery life, 5.7-inch Quad HD display and a dual-lens camera all packed into an impossibly thin 6.97mm body.

#UnboxingWithPamper: Honor 8 Pro-Pamper.my

The box comes with a charging plug, cable, earphones, and other cool features, scroll down to find out more!

#UnboxingWithPamper: Honor 8 Pro-Pamper.my

A Mobile Gamer’s Delight

#UnboxingWithPamper: Honor 8 Pro-Pamper.myThe honor 8 Pro is also the official gaming smartphone and exclusive partner for the highly-popular mobile game, Mobile Legends for the first-ever Mobile Legends South East Asia Cup 2017 in Malaysia. Which says a lot about performance from its octa-core Kirin 960 chipset which raises CPU processing by 18% and the Mali-G71 GPU accompanied by its graphic processing by Vulkan API, which enables the most demanding games to run at high frame rates with minimum lagging, all fitted in its ultra-thin 6.97mm metal body.

#UnboxingWithPamper: Honor 8 Pro-Pamper.my


Here is more technical explanation its powerful performance:

  • The Kirin 960 chipset features eight processor cores – four high-performance Cortex A73 cores clocked to 2.4GHz and four low-power Cortex A53 cores clocked to 1.8Ghz – that improve single-core and multi-core performance by 10% and 18% respectively.
  • The Mali-G71 includes support for the cutting-edge Vulkan graphics and compute API (application programming interface) and boosts graphic performance up to 400%. honor 8 Pro will run the most demanding games at high frame rates with minimum lag and dropped frames, even in 3D.
  • The new EMUI 5.1 system leverages machine learning to learn from your behavior and habits to minimise lag and ensure applications and files load smoothly. For example, if you tend to open an application at a certain time of the day, the honor 8 Pro will be able to anticipate your needs and pre-load the application.
  • With Quad HD display boasting the highest levels of colour accuracy and detail – with performance nearing the Hollywood cinema standard. The display features a high resolution of 515ppi, 16700K colours and 94.5% coverage of the NTSC color gamut. Professional calibration brings the best out of the display, with color enhancement technology, sharpness enhancement in the display engine and a 2D image detail enhancer.

VR-ready In Just A Click

It’s also VR-ready, where the box can be turned into a cardboard viewer and inside the phone, it has already been pre-installed with the Jaunt VR application which has different varieties of VR video content.

#UnboxingWithPamper: Honor 8 Pro-Pamper.mySo you can immerse yourself into different worlds anywhere with its 5.7-inch Quad HD display. You can try entering the exhilarating world of Galaxy on Fire 3, the first 3D game running on the Vulkan interface too.

Battery Life for Days

Thanks to the phone’s Smart Power 5.0 technology, it helps to maximise battery life by automatically identifying and terminating processes with exceptionally high power consumption, as well as minimising power consumed by background applications. It’s estimated that the fully-charged phone can last you for 2 days with regular use, to almost 1.44 days of heavy use.

Awesome Dual-Lens Camera & Fingerprint Scanner

#UnboxingWithPamper: Honor 8 Pro-Pamper.my
Navy Blue or Black?

Whether you like it in navy blue or midnight black, this 5.7-inch screen smartphone comes with a 12-megapixel dual-lens camera of a monochrome lens which captures a black-and-white image with incredible depth of detail while, the RGB lens for true-to-life, vivid color reproduction for that perfect shot. The camera’s wide aperture range (f/0.95–f/16) delivers DSLR-like depth of field effects for both photo and video shooting. And it supports the shooting of 4K videos, encoded in the efficient H.265 codec, which produces files twice as small as its predecessor.

#UnboxingWithPamper: Honor 8 Pro-Pamper.myThe fingerprint scanner under the camera is also a neat feature!

Our Verdict

Because it’s such a powerful phone (with 8 Processor Cores!), the honor 8 Pro tends to heat up pretty fast, especially when you’re using heavy apps such as the VR apps. The VR apps tend to drain the battery life faster than when I’m playing mobile games such as Mobile Legends. The Screen Recording feature is great but the recording duration of only 5 minutes maximum can be an issue, especially when you want to record yourself for longer periods of time. But all in all, it’s a great phone for heavy phone users and gamers who want awesome graphics, decent battery life, great performance and high megapixel front and back Dual camera to boot.

The honor 8 Pro retails for RM1,999 and can be purchased at www.vmall.my.

For more information on honor, visit http://www.hihonor.com/my or honor Malaysia Facebook.

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