Samsung Galaxy A35 5G Review: Security Focus Meets Everyday Performance in a Budget-Friendly Package

Samsung has just dropped two new models in its popular Galaxy A Series: the Galaxy A55 5G and the Galaxy A35 5G. We had the privilege of trying out the Galaxy A35 5G before its official launch on April 22. In this article, we’ll share our firsthand experience with the Galaxy A35, from our initial impressions to its design, technical specifications, and key features. And of course, we’ll conclude with our verdict after nearly a week of testing.

Design and Specifications

Before looking into the details, let’s go over some key specifications of the Galaxy A35. The device boasts a 6.60-inch HD+ Super AMOLED display screen with an ultra-smooth 120 Hz refresh rate and a crisp FHD+ resolution. It comes with a generous 8GB of RAM, powered by Android 14, and fueled by a non-removable 5000mAh battery that supports fast charging. Running on One UI 6 based on Android 14, this phone offers storage option of 256GB, expandable up to an impressive 1TB via a microSD card.

Now, let’s talk about its appearance. The variant we received is the Awesome Iceblue model – a colour that’s just right up our alley. The design is sleek, featuring a 6.6″ display screen with a stunning Gorilla Glass Victus+ back glass and a streamlined metal trim bezel that ties everything together nicely. While the phone may seem ordinary at first glance, its solid build and soothing Iceblue colour contribute to its overall appeal. The device’s only drawback is that it feels slightly heavier compared to our other devices.

The design of Samsung Galaxy A35 5G is sleek, featuring a 6.6″ display screen with a stunning Gorilla Glass Victus+ back glass.
The box of Samsung Galaxy A35 5G comes with a wired charging cable featuring USB Type-C connectors and a sim card removal pin
Samsung Galaxy A35 5G features a slim body design

Enhanced Security Features

Security is a major highlight of the Galaxy A35. What sets the Galaxy A35 5G apart in terms of security? The answer lies in its all-new Samsung Knox Vault feature. This Knox Vault acts like a super-strong, extra-secure locker for your personal information, such as PINs and passwords. It’s been certified by security institutions in different countries for its resistance to hacking attempts, even those using expensive equipment.

To understand why this vault is such a big deal, we need to talk about TrustZone. It is a secure space inside Samsung phones where sensitive data like passwords and biometric info are stored. But, it’s not foolproof. Sometimes, it can be vulnerable to sneaky attacks because it’s connected to the main processor.

That’s where Knox Vault comes into play. It operates separately from the processor, acting like a fortress within a fortress. It stores your info using special chips that are incredibly difficult to break into, making it much more secure than TrustZone alone.

To enhance your device’s security, consider utilising the Find My Mobile (FMM) feature. This tool allows you to bolster the safety of your smartphone by remotely locking it and keeping tabs on its location. It’s like having a virtual security guard for your device, giving you peace of mind knowing that you can take action to protect your personal information and find your phone if it ever goes missing.

Additionally, this device comes with features like Auto Blocker, which does exactly what it sounds like – it blocks suspicious apps and prevents them from causing harm to your phone. Plus, it can detect and stop any suspicious activity, such as malware attempting to infiltrate your device.

There’s also the Smart Call function, which acts as a personal bouncer for your phone calls. It can identify incoming calls, even if you don’t recognise the number, and lets you block or report spam calls with just a tap.

Camera Performance

Moving on to the camera performance – it’s quite impressive, especially considering it’s not a flagship model. This phone packs a punch with a triple camera system on the rear – a powerful 50MP main sensor, an 8MP ultrawide lens, and a 5MP macro camera. For those perfect selfies, there’s a 13-megapixel front camera.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G comes with a triple camera system

We tested out this camera in various lighting conditions, and we would say, the camera delivers decent image and visual quality both day and night.

One standout feature is the Nightography feature. It’s like having a photography wizard in your phone, thanks to some advanced AI tech. This feature enhances low-light photos with vibrant colours and clear details. Features like LN4 noise reduction and Night Portrait mode further enhance image quality.

What’s great is that the Galaxy A35 offers a variety of modes to experiment with, including full manual controls for both photos and videos. It’s user-friendly and intuitive. So, whether you’re a casual photographer or a budding pro, this phone has something for everyone.

Performance and User Experience

Let’s talk about how the Galaxy A35 5G performs under the hood. When it comes to everyday tasks like navigating through the interface, running apps, and watching videos, this phone holds up pretty well.

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy A35 5G with an octa-core processor, likely the Exynos 1380. What’s noteworthy is its larger cooling system, which includes a vapor chamber. This helps keep the phone cool during intense activities like gaming or shooting photos and videos. Plus, it allows the processor to maintain peak performance for longer periods, ensuring smooth gaming experiences with maximum FPS (frames per second). We’re not much of a gamer ourselves, so we didn’t put it through its paces with games.

As for the software – the Galaxy A35 5G runs on One UI 6.1 atop Android 14. This means you’ll get a user-friendly interface with familiar features from Samsung, along with the newest optimisations and security features from Google’s Android 14. One UI 6.1 is known for its customisation options, allowing you to personalise the look and feel of your phone to your liking. You can also expect features like improved multitasking, notification management, and privacy controls. With Android 14, you’ll benefit from the latest performance enhancements and access to the newest apps available on the Play Store.

The 6.6″ FHD+ Super AMOLED display screen boasts Vision Booster, a Tone mapping technology that enhances visibility against strong illumination in outdoor conditions. This feature ensures effortless screen visibility even in direct sunlight, providing users with a clear and easy-to-view display experience.

Lastly, let’s talk battery life. The Galaxy A35 packs a hefty 5,000 mAh battery, providing more than enough juice to last through the day and then some. While the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G doesn’t support wireless charging, its 25W wired charging speed ensures you can quickly power up and get back to using your phone. With this kind of battery life, you can easily go a solid 48 hours without needing to plug in.


In conclusion, Samsung Galaxy A35 5G brings together style, performance, and security features, making it a strong contender in the mid-range smartphone market. If you want reliable security for your data and good everyday performance without breaking the bank, the Samsung Galaxy A35 5G is a solid option. With its exceptional security features, decent camera capabilities, long-lasting battery life, and affordable pricing, it offers a compelling package.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G brings together style, performance, and security features, making it a strong contender in the mid-range smartphone market


Starting March 22, 2024, the Galaxy A35 5G will hit the Malaysian market, available at various Samsung stores, authorised retailers, and online platforms like Shopee and Lazada. Priced at RM1,699, the Galaxy A35 comes in three attractive colour options, other than the Awesome Iceblue, there are also Awesome Lilac and Awesome Navy to choose from.

But wait, there are some fantastic early purchase offers up for grabs! For instance, early birds will receive a complimentary 2-year Samsung Care+ package valued at RM459, covering accidental and liquid damage for 2 years, along with an additional year of extended warranty with device support service. Plus, there’s a purchase-with-purchase deal of up to 30% OFF on items like the latest Galaxy Fit3 and selected Samsung Branded Accessories.

For more information on the Galaxy A35 5G series, click here.

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