Nokia T20 Tablet: How It Makes My Life Easier

Not quite a laptop. Not quite a phone.

Tablets are the awkward middle child of the tech family whom nobody knew what to make of when it first entered the market. It’s not as powerful as a laptop but still better than a smartphone spec-wise. It also has a larger screen, front-and-back cameras and it’s wonderfully portable.

But is a tablet more than just an media device? Can it add to what a phone or laptop already does?

This year, I took a chance and got a tablet to help get more organised at work.

I chose a Nokia T20 with a flip cover so that I can prop it up wherever. It’s a decent tablet for small budgets. The first two weeks of owning it, I became mildly obsessed.

Nokia T20 Tablet

Tablets seemed kinda pointless until you actually own one…

This middle child of the tech family is a mega useful device. I have friends who are parents, students and business owners alike, who love the convenience a tablet provides.

A tablet might not be a laptop or a phone but it sure fills the gaps its tech siblings cannot.

Comparatively, tablets take up less space on a cluttered desk than a laptop. It also offers a better multimedia experience than phones. I like using mine for video meetings on the go.

Here are some of the things I’ve been using my Nokia T20 tablet for:

  • Reading books and articles in bed
  • Watching movies and shows on-the-go
  • Displaying a recipe in the kitchen
  • Playing an art video tutorial on a cluttered desk

My time owning one has led me to this conclusion…

Laptops and smartphones are for productivity
BUT tablets are designed for efficiency.

More than just a multimedia device, the Nokia T20 tablet makes my work and life much easier. Here are 5 reasons I like my Nokia T20 tablet…

1) A tablet fits into ANY lifestyle (and handbag) like a glove

Whatever you do in life, a tablet improves the way you do your thang.

My musician friends use their tablets to read sheet music. Parent friends use it to entertain their kids. The creatives use theirs to sketch designs. And my younger cousins use theirs to attend tuition classes remotely and to study.

And the list goes on…

As for me, I like using my Nokia T20 tablet in bed to watch shows and read. I used to do all this with my 15’ inch laptop but swapping to a tablet has made leisure time way more comfortable.

2) A tablet looks professional as hell.

I really like using a tablet for work.

Laptops may be more powerful but even the slimmest MacBook Air can be bulky for quick meetings.

I know a laptop suffices but I don’t enjoy unplugging and relocating my laptop and its accessories, to and fro, room to room.

My Nokia T-20 lets me roam around the office and home, plug-less and mouse-free. And it makes me look rather important too. Like a strict PA with her fancy pen and clipboard.

Did I mention how they make presenting hassle-free?

Compared to my laptop, my Nokia T20 tablet “wakes up” faster and can connect to the presentation device wirelessly via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (pick your network).

Your pacing also won’t stagger now that you can swipe to the next slide instead of reaching for the mouse button.

And I don’t even have to charge the tablet regularly!

The long-lasting battery and fast charge enables me to have plenty of battery life for Netflix after my meetings and presentations are done.

3) You can use it as a secondary device for work, play and life

At home, my Nokia T20 tablet is used casually to read and watch shows.

But at work, it complements my laptop as a secondary device.

My Nokia T20 provides me with organisation and an extra screen which is great for when I do research for my articles.

The bigger display and touchscreen make it easier to schedule tasks across apps and to jot down notes and important dates during a meeting — particularly because these notes and details sync across my other devices almost insteantly.

And if you’re into content creation, a tablet is extremely helpful.

The wide display screen makes editing videos on Capcut easier. And hang on, let me get to the sound quality…

I lucked out in particular with my Nokia T20. For a budget tablet, this device has amazing speakers for yummier sound quality.

Combined with the 10’inch screen offering generous visual detail, I’ve been able to edit videos comfortably and with consistent quality over and over again.

4) Exchange it for peace and quiet — if you have kids!

I don’t have kids myself, but I have seen the respite a tablet brings to tired parents.

While I wouldn’t use a tablet to pacify kids, I can’t deny how useful the smart device is to parents and children alike.

Tablets can be great learning aids. My niece who’s almost two learned her colours and numbers from watching YouTube videos.

Anyway, parents. My Nokia T20 comes with Google Kids Space.

It’s basically a special kid’s mode for children that has all these age-appropriate apps, books and videos that are geared towards play, education and other interests typical of kids.

I’ve let my niece play around with it and it is great for letting her explore things shes interested in.

It also gives me some worry-free time to myself since she’s entertained with child-friendly and educational content.

Also, Google Kids Space. is linked directly to your Google account so yes parents, you’re in control over what your child browses.

5) Most of all, tablets have great affordability. And there’s one for every budget. 

Tablets offer great style, power, portability, function… the works! And the best part is, there’s one for every budget.

Tablets come in several price ranges. I bought my Nokia T20 for around RM999 which makes it a budget tablet. But it’s built to last.

Why I Love It:

For a budget tablet, my Nokia T20 is incredibly versatile, has a long battery life, and a crisp 2K screen and great sound quality for watching shows. It also doesn’t really lag.

The Nokia T20 comes with 2 years of software upgrades which is a bonus for a budget device as upgrades improve the functionality of your device with each update. Like, helping your device save on battery usage and improving user interface.

Why I Trust It:

While I’m far too ordinary a person to have my lame selfies, videos and messages leaked, I rely on the Nokia T20’s security system to protect my more important personal data.

Such as my e-wallets (like Boost pay, Fav, Touch N Go etc), lifestyle apps (Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Grabfood, etc) and also my online banking activities.

I didn’t know this but apparently, the Nokia T20 is the first Android Enterprise Recommended tablet which has an optional 4th year of quarterly security updates.

What this means is, I get monthly security upgrades for 3 years and my data is protected like Fort Knox from cybersecurity threats.

Why I Keep it:

Well. Aside from style, the Nokia T20 is just so useful!  I use it to work, learn, play. And entertain my niece — amongst other things.

And I have peace of mind knowing that it has three years of monthly security updates and two years of OS upgrades.

So, should you get one?

As a tablet convert, I like owning one. My Nokia T20 tablet has made the digital parts of my life easier.

I love reading books on it. Plus, it’s so easy to bring around for work and travel. And the long-lasting battery is a massive perk!

But at the same time, I must be honest. A tablet, at the end of the day, is a lifestyle product. It’s not a necessity like a phone, so its worth will depend on what you’ll use it for.

If you like the idea of using a tablet for leisure, like browsing the internet, checking social media and watching videos (and have money to spare)… then go for it.

Besides, a budget tablet like the Nokia T20 will suit your needs sufficiently without busting your wallet too much!

For more information, visit Nokia Mobile’s website or follow their social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram. You can also purchase the Nokia T20 at their official Shopee store!

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