Mi Note 10 Lite: Your Lifestyle Companion

Renowned tech giant, XiaoMi, has just launched the Mi Note 10 Lite and we are going to talk about why we find ourselves vibing with this phone. Let’s go…

Mi Note 10 Lite series

When mobile phones were first created, its portability was a wonder of the times since, back then, telecommunications was pretty much grounded to a fixed line. Now, we’ve lept to the 21st century where mobile phones have evolved from a basic communication device into a lifestyle item.

Fitting snugly into our pockets, smartphones have become important extensions of our lifestyle, connecting us to friends, family, work and even, the world.

Oh, how its fashionable to be smart.
And smart to be fashionable.

Designed To Suit Your Style

A minimalist smartphone, the Mi Note 10 Lite has all the basic functions covered in a slim, sleek body with a satin finish. The phone is lightweight and ergonomic, a delight to hold in the hand without being too tall or chunky for the grip.

On the front, sits a generous 6.47 inch AMOLED screen which provides a sizeable screen view, big enough to watch videos comfortably and to use as a viewfinder for the camera feature.

The rearview is equally well-designed in aesthetic. Equipped with a set of cameras, the Mi Note 10 has grouped all 4 camera modules into the same glass for a stylish, compact look. Check it out…

Best of all, the Mi Note 10 Lite complements your personal style in 3 choicy colours….

Nebula Purple
Glacier White
Midnight Black

We totally assigned these colours to a counterpart personality. Those with some wild running through their veins, Nebula Purple is their vibe. The #BossGirls might like the pearlescent Glacier White, which reflects independence and feminity while Midnight Black is the choice for the practical with a taste for classy designs.

Excellent Camera Set For Epic Shots

So, the Mi Note 10 Lite is not just a beautiful smartphone. It’s also packing a seriously powerful camera feature that takes great shots, day or night.

Equipped with an AI Quad Camera system with SONY IMX686, the main camera on the Mi Note 10 Lite outputs 64MP photos by default with great detail. Photos look vivid, as true-to-life as possible and the colour is absolutely dynamic. Observe…

Taken with Mi Note 10 main camera

What we love the best is the 16MP selfie camera which comes with portrait mode. Portrait mode on the Mi Note 10 Lite prioritises faces and adjusts the camera automatically so that your skin looks nice and bright, not discoloured and dark.

Selfie taken with Mi Note 10 Lite front camera
Selfie taken with Mi Note 10 Lite front camera (with blurred background)

The camera set also comes a macro and ultra-wide feature setting for capturing details in both the smallest and widest of scenes with pleasing detail and photo quality.

Ultra-wide angle photo taken with Mi Note 10 main camera
Close-up photo taken with Mi Note 10 main camera

Did we also mention the Mi Note 10 Lite also comes with features for great video recording? With such a powerful camera, you’ll be treated to 4K video recording quality which makes videos look life-like and vibrant.

And then, there’s vlog mode… In just one easy click, you can access 8 different video modes to create exceptional videos. With this feature, you save time and hassle stylising your videos. Honestly, it’s a fantastically convenient feature for creating great videos fast!

Click on image above to see videos created using the vlog recording function.

What’s more, the Mi Note 10 Lite is packed with a big battery of 5260mAh with support for 30W fast charging technology, which gives almost 2 days long usage time! It allows you to enjoy using the phone all day without worrying about the battery.

You’ll also enjoy a hassle-free experience as the Mi Note 10 Lite comes with a large storage space along with smooth processor performance. It’s equipped with 8GB of RAM and an internal memory capacity of 128GB, accompanied with Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G, a highly-efficient 8nm processor that breathes more processing power when you are into visually intense apps on the phone.

So, how much does the Mi Note 10 Lite cost? For a midrange phone with quality camera features, the Mi Note 10 Lite sells for RM1,599 – not too costly for a quality smartphone.

It is available now on Lazada at https://bit.ly/3flsLlp and all authorised Mi Stores.

Alternatively, you can check out XiaoMi Malaysia’s social media platforms for more information:

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