What Malaysians Expect on Valentine’s Day and How Much They’re Willing to Spend on the Valentine’s Day Gift?

Valentine’s Day has just passed! What did you buy for your other half as a Valentine’s Day gift? Picodi.com conducted a survey among 11,000 people from 38 countries to learn what lovers expect on Valentine’s Day and how much money they are willing to spend on their significant others. Here are some of the results for the Valentine’s Day in Malaysia.

Valentine’s Day is very popular in Malaysia

68% of Malaysians surveyed said they celebrate Valentine’s Day and 75% said that they will give something to their partner. This probably means that such people, although they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, think it’s acceptable to give a gift anyway.

What are Malaysians going to buy as a gift?

Among the men surveyed, the most popular answers were food on delivery (24%), dinner at a restaurant (21%) and flowers (20%). Women on the other hand said they are going to buy food on delivery (21%), dinner at a restaurant (20%) and perfumes (15%).

We also asked what gifts Malaysians expect to get from their significant others and according to women, the most expected gifts were dinner at a restaurant (61%), food on delivery (41%), flowers (33%), money (28%) and jewellery (25%). As for men, the most expected option was food on delivery (45%), dinner at restaurant (72%), flowers (22%), jewellery (22%) and money (20%).

The worst Valentine’s Day gifts according to women are alcohol (20%), dinner at a restaurant (19%), teddy bears (19%), sex toys (29%), and food on delivery (16%). Among men, food on delivery (23%) and dinner at a restaurant (18%) were chosen as the least wanted.

How much money is being spent on Valentine’s Day gifts?

On average, most people spend RM195 on Valentine’s Day gifts in Malaysia, with men spending 8% more than women (RM 202 vs. RM188).

Among the countries researched, the highest amounts are spent in Hong Kong (US$124), the United Kingdom (US$117), Ireland (US$112), and the United States (US$106). Malaysia is placed 19th in the ranking (US$48).

In 2021 in Malaysia, the most frequently chosen gift is food on delivery. Hongkongese men usually choose Valentine’s Day cards, while women choose clothes. In Australia, men give mostly flowers on Valentine’s Day and receive electronics from women.

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